Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms and CCTV for Northampton Businesses

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Suppliers of Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms and CCTV systems in Northampton

If you run a business in the Northampton area you’ve no doubt considered various ways and means of keeping your premises, goods and even staff, safe and secure. Commercial burglary is unfortunately on the rise in the UK, so it’s important that local businesses make the time to consider their options when it comes to effective security solutions.

Burglar Alarms, Security Systems in Northampton

A dedicated burglar alarm system will help deter intruders from entering your property, no matter what its size or function. From restaurants and corner shops to factories and supermarkets, a reliable and effective alarm system will vastly decrease the chances of your Northampton business become a target for vandals or thieves. We are an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) qualified company, which means our engineers are perfectly placed to advise you on the best course of action when it comes to choosing the right burglar alarm system for your Northampton business.  From fully monitored alarm systems to rapid guard response services, we’ll find the perfect solution to keep your Northampton company safe, secure and ready for business.

Cctv System Installations To Protect Your Business

It’s one thing to deter intruders from entering your property with advanced intruder alarm systems, but what if your business is targeted regardless? As we’ve mentioned, commercial burglary is on the rise and it’s clear that alarm systems, while being an effective deterrent, can’t keep your business 100% safe from theft or vandalism.  Having a CCTV system installed will add an extra layer of peace of mind for both you and your staff, and it’ll also help with any following investigations should anything be damaged or taken from your premises. This can prevent a lot of stress in the long run should the worst happen, and your staff will thank you for making them feel more secure while they’re at work.

BusinessWatch have an extensive range of CCTV systems, all designed to keep round the clock eyes and ears on your premises so you and your staff feel safe and secure.  If you’re not sure which CCTV solutions might be right for your Northampton business, our experts are only too happy to help as part of a free, no obligation consultation. We’ll survey your property and advise you on the most effective and cost efficient solution for you.

Fire Alarms in Northampton

Is your Northampton business fire safe? Most businesses are these days, but accidents unfortunately still happen and fire damage can make or break a small or medium sized business. It’s all about having an efficient and reliable fire alarm system that get a quick response and minimise the damage of a fire considerably, perhaps even preventing it from ever causing any damage at all.  BusinessWatch offer a range of fire safety solutions designed to keep your staff and premises safe and secure, and we’re acknowledged and recognised by all major safety governing bodies.  We’ll carry out a full assessment of your Northampton property and identify danger zones and hazards before advising you on the safest and most cost-effective solution available.

For more information on our range of security solutions and how they could work to keep your Northampton business safe and secure, contact us today on 01604 844953 for a free, no obligation quotation.

Call locally on: 01604 844953

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