Business Sectors

At BusinessWatch we’re passionate about keeping businesses like yours safe and secure. We have a wide range of security solutions designed to do just that, from remote monitored high definition CCTV cameras to access control and integrated alarm systems. Our highly trained security professionals understand that needs can vary from business to business, and that’s why we treat every one of our customers as individuals. From agriculture and transport to healthcare and education, each business has its own set of unique challenges, and we’re here to make sure you get the very best security solutions for your needs.


Temporary CCTV for Building Sites

Although temporary premises, they usually contain a great deal of expensive equipment, from tools and materials through to heavy machinery and vehicles.


Security for Healthcare Sites

The goods stored there are not only dangerous and valuable, people’s wellbeing also depends on them, so it’s important to keep them safe and secure.


Security for Schools, Staff & Students

Ensuring that students and staff go about their day with peace of mind and that the resources that they need are kept safe and well-guarded.


Security for Leisure Facilities

We offer a combination of advanced CCTV technology and intruder alarm system to make sure that the premises is kept safe and secure at all times.


Security for Transport Facilities

If you’ve got a transport, haulage or logistics company, then you know the importance of security when it comes to keeping business flowing nice and steadily.


Food Premises and Facilities

There are many facets to managing businesses in the food and drink sector, and good security measures can help make things easier across the board.


Security in Agriculture

Keeping business consistent and productive is essential to the success of any farm based business, and BusinessWatch have the tools, knowledge and expertise to protect your premises by deterring any unwelcome guests or incidents.