Crime Prevention & Security in Agriculture

Farm security systems are becoming increasingly crucial as agricultural crime increases throughout the UK. They’re often seen as an easy target for premeditated crimes, such as stealing high value machinery, tools, metal and even livestock. Keeping business consistent and productive is essential to the success of any farm based business, and BusinessWatch have the tools, knowledge and expertise to protect your premises by deterring any unwelcome guests or incidents. Many things can have an effect on how profitable an agricultural business is, but making sure you have an effective farm security system means one less thing to worry about, and safeguards your business against many of the things that can go wrong.

Protection of Machines and Fuel

tractorA common target for thieves is the expensive machinery that’s often found around farms, together with fuel that can be sold on to profit. Losing vital equipment can be devastating for any farmer or farming business, and can drastically affect day-to-day business. BusinessWatch are experts in providing security solutions for farmland. From high definition CCTV systems to electronic access control and intuitive alarm systems.

Not only can an advanced CCTV system capture any incidents in high definition, they can also be monitored by our expert team of security specialists – so you’ll have peace of mind that eyes and ears are on your valuable equipment at all times. An alarm system can help deter thieves before their act is carried out, and we can even setup a full guard response service to deal with any issue swiftly and effectively.

We’ve built our business on trust, and all of our security solutions are designed to suit the individual needs of our customers.

For more information on agricultural security with BusinessWatch, contact us today on 01733 459999. We can even arrange a free, no obligation consultation to see how we can best serve and secure your premises.