Temporary Building Site CCTV & Remotely Monitored Cameras

Temporary Building Site CCTV & Remotely Monitored Cameras

Construction Site CCTV – Building Site Security – 24hour Camera Security

Although building and construction sites are temporary premises, they usually contain a great deal of expensive equipment, from tools and materials through to heavy machinery and vehicles. At BusinessWatch we’re aware of the security challenges that the construction industry faces, so we offer a dedicated temporary CCTV service to protect building sites and deter and prevent thieves.

Our construction site CCTV systems will be installed to the highest industry standard, and we’ll assess each site on its own terms so you’ll get a bespoke and effective solution. Not only will out CCTV installation help deter crime, we also provide remote monitoring for construction sites and a rapid guard response service to give you complete peace of mind during the construction process.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring for construction sites is an essential part of on-site security. BusinessWatch not only install CCTV cameras, but also make sure they’re fully monitored so that you know there are always eyes and ears at your site.

The very presence of CCTV cameras can be enough to deter most criminal activity, but having the peace of mind that remote monitoring offers means that if an incident occurs our trained operatives will watch your site in real time and will audio challenge any potential intruder. The audio challenge prevents 97.6% of crimes occurring.

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However if a potential intruder does not leave the site, our operatives will take the agreed action, whether it’s arranging for a BusinessWatch Rapid response unit, your own keyholders or the police to attend the incident. Our goal is to give our customers complete peace of mind.

Rapid Guard Response

When a workplace such as a construction or building site installs Wireless CCTV systems, they need to know that any incidents are going to be responded to swiftly and effectively; whether that means informing the police, or getting guards to the property to secure it as quickly as possible. BusinessWatch offer a rapid guard response service for building sites, making our CCTV security solution one of the most comprehensive and dependable around for local construction sites.

For more information on our range of CCTV systems for building sites, or to discuss our rapid guard response or remote monitoring services, call a member of the team today on 01733 459999 for a free, no obligation quotation.

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