Security for Schools, Staff & Students

schoolBusinessWatch are experts in ensuring the security and safety of school premises. We can install and maintain a variety of security solutions to meet the needs of staff, pupils and parents, and also to prevent other potential threats such as arson attacks or vandalism. College security, school security and university security are key to ensuring that students and staff go about their day with peace of mind and that the resources that they need are kept safe and well-guarded.

Staff safety is just as important as student safety, that’s why BusinessWatch supply personal attack buttons in case there is ever an event where a teacher or staff member suspect an intruder or may need assistance.

From electronic access control and CCTV systems to fully integrated alarm systems, BusinessWatch will find a bespoke school security solution that works for you.

Access control for students and staff

At BusinessWatch we understand that schools, like many other premises, have areas that are designated for certain people only. Limited access to places like staff rooms, science labs and art rooms are part of everyday life for most schools, colleges and universities. We can provide restricted access controls for schools that are bespoke and installed based on your individual needs.

Flexible Security Service for Schools

Schools are sensitive places, and we understand that students and staff need to carry on business as usual during term times in order maintain an ideal learning environment. That’s why at BusinessWatch we carry out installations of CCTV, intruder alarms and other security solutions outside of term time where at all possible, minimising the impact any installation works may have on students or staff.

For more information about our range of security solutions for schools, contact one of our friendly team for a free, no obligation quotation on 01733 459999.