Securing Food Premises and Facilities

warehouse_foodThere are many facets to managing businesses in the food and drink sector, and good security measures can help make things easier across the board. From minimising losses to streamlining management, BusinessWatch understand the nuances of how the food sector works, and we’ll help you arrive at the right solution for your premises.

From placing security guards on gates to control access in and out of a given site, to state of the art HD CCTV monitoring to log any incidents that may occur and help deter crime. Of course, there are also some unique problems that the food sector also face.

Health & Safety in Stock Management

Naturally, the food sector has stringent laws when it comes to the production, handling and selling of food goods. BusinessWatch can provide advanced IP HD CCTV cameras to ensure that no foreign objects or contaminants enter the food at any point while it’s on your premises, and should one of your staff make a mistake or do tamper with food in any way, they will be instantly recognisable in HD video footage, despite being dressed the same as their colleagues.

Insurance Claim Protection

If there is an accident on your food premises, it can cause all kinds of complications with insurance claims if you can’t be sure what happened or how an accident occurred. Our CCTV systems are high definition and can capture incidents in extreme detail, so that should anything bad happen, you’ll have a record of it to protect you from false staff insurance claims.

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