CCTV Security for Healthcare Sites

Healthcare sites face a unique challenge when it comes to securing their premises from intruders and thieves. The goods stored there are not only dangerous and valuable, people’s wellbeing also depends on them, so it’s important to keep them safe and secure. BusinessWatch specialise in security for healthcare sites, and can install a variety of CCTV and alarm response systems to the highest possible standard in order to ensure site safety and protect any goods that are stored on-site.

In addition to CCTV, access control and alarm solutions, BusinessWatch also offer SmoakCloak protection – an electronic security device which is connected to the alarm system. When an alarm is triggered, it will produce a harmless thick fog, reducing visibility to less than 30cm. If a secured area is breached, this will delay any intruder by reducing his visibility considerably, giving emergency response units valuable extra time to arrive and secure the premises.

Protection for Doctors & Nurses

healthcareOf course, when it comes to securing healthcare premises it’s important that any staff have the peace of mind they need to carry out their roles. Depending on the nature of the site, risk and danger can often be part of the job, but when it isn’t you need to know that they’re safe while they’re at work. BusinessWatch assess each premises on its own terms in order to find the most effective combination of CCTV and alarm systems for a given site. We’ll work closely with you to determine access points and vulnerable parts of the premises to give you the best possible protection.

We also supply personal attack buttons for staff, so that if they are ever in danger or suspect an intruder during their shift they can easily escape. Combined with state of the art CCTV systems and SmokeCloak, BusinessWatch are able to provide the very best in security for healthcare sites.

For more information on our security solutions for healthcare sites, contact us today on 01733 459999. You’ll receive a free, no obligation quotation and we can arrange for someone to visit your premises to see how best to proceed.