Security for Transport Facilities

If you’ve got a transport, haulage or logistics company, then you know the importance of security when it comes to keeping business flowing nice and steadily. Risk management, access control and premises monitoring are an essential part of any transport company – both in terms of keeping staff and vehicles safe, and also securing potentially expensive and valuable goods and stock. BusinessWatch are experts in transport security, providing a range of advanced CCTV and access control systems that are installed based on the needs of each client and premises.

trucksWe take a proactive stance against diesel thefts with enhanced CCTV monitoring, and access controls such as barriers and automatic gates that control the flow of vehicles in or out of the grounds.

Vehicle Protection and Depot Monitoring

Security for logistics, haulage or transport companies can be complex, and BusinessWatch know that there is no catch-all solution.  That’s why we work closely with each of our clients to determine the precise needs of a given depot, base or grounds. Perhaps vandalism or diesel theft are a concern for one, but internal theft from staff and protection for expensive vehicles is a concern for another.

Some businesses might simply need a way of logging vehicle movements to and from a given location. Of course, every business has their own particular needs, and our expert team are ready to get to know yours, ensuring you have the most effective protection to suit your needs.

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