HD CCTV Scrappage Scheme

HD CCTV Scrappage Scheme

Upgrade to new HD CCTV with our scrappage scheme! All you have to do is trade in your old Analogue CCTV camera, DVR and monitor to get funding for up to £1000 for a new HD CCTV kit. 


At BusinessWatch we want to ensure you have the very best technology to keep your premises as secure as possible. So we have teamed up with our CCTV partner to offer you funding on new HD CCTV.

This means we are able to get you a value for your existing CCTV system, which can be used towards your NEW High Definition CCTV (HD CCTV) equipment.

We can offer you up to:

  • £50 per Camera
  • £100 per Monitor
  • £300 per DVR

The savings you will make will depend on what systems you currently use and the number of items you can swap out.

Why should you upgrade to HD CCTV?

A HD CCTV camera system has far greater benefits to your business than an old Analogue CCTV system. Including:

  • 1080p resolution which is 3 x the resolution of analogue cameras meaning the picture clarity is far greater for facial or number plate recognition.
  • There is less pixilation when you zoom in to an object with a HD camera (see image below).
  • No hassle installation as a HD CCTV system can use the same cabling as the Analogue system. This also saves on cost of cable installation.
  • Wider viewing angles are possible for a HD CCTV camera. You can view more of what is happening on your premises without losing picture quality.

See for yourself…

Analogue CCTV Zoom v HD CCTV Zoom

Analogue CCTV Zoom v HD CCTV Zoom

How to take advantage of the scheme?

Simply contact one of our expert CCTV surveyors in your area and they will be happy to come out and see your premises for a FREE no obligation survey. After they have seen your systems they will be able to work out how much money off a new system you would get in part exchange for your existing old kit.

The scheme has been extended to run until the end of October so call 0330 094 7404 today!

Alternatively book a survey directly here.