Roll Call Systems

Our Roll Call Solution automatically identifies the location of all people with in real time pinpoint accuracy. This allows you to ensure that everyone within your building has reached a designated safe place should an emergency occur. The roll call system automatically identifies whether individual people are still in the affected building or have reached an assembly/muster point. Providing they carry their ID badge, you automatically know where they are.

The roll call system accurately identifies the location of employees, visitors and personnel entering and leaving each building on site in real time. As a result, this enables shorter response times and enables incident managers to locate personnel and visitors in an emergency.

How the Roll Call Systems Works

Roll Call System

Each employee receives a (RFID) Personnel badge/tag which transmits a signal every 1.2 seconds to the roll call system. This signal uniquely identifies the person and their location.

Wireless Location Modules (WLMs) detect the ID badges as people enter and leave each building. Each WLM is configured to detect badges within a specific read zone, which can be anywhere between 1 and 80 metres.

We position a Wireless Location Module at each emergency exit point. When staff and visitors on-site gather at an assembly point, the system logs the presence of all personnel at each point to the central system. More importantly, the last known location of each tracked person is logged to the system, displaying the information to incident managers through a smart device or other portable media device.

The sequence in which WLMs receive the tag signals determines whether a person is entering or leaving the building. This then logs to the system.

RFID Readers are located at each muster station and place of safety. The readers detect the ID tags of all personnel within up to 50 metres of the muster point, or a range configured to suit the individual site.

When the fire alarm activates the system automatically has a record of all people within the building. It then categorises them as in ‘danger’ until they arrive at a muster point or place of safety. This is set to within 50 metres, or an alternatively configured range.

This information and data shows on a smart device or tablet, along with photos of all personnel who still remain ‘at risk’ after the fire alarm activates.

Roll Call System Diagram

How A Roll Call System Benefits You

  • Automatically accounts for all people on-site
  • Removes the potential for human error at times of emergency
  • Quickly identifies people ‘at risk’ and their most recent location
  • Provides emergency services with vital information in an emergency
  • Reduces downtime on evacuation drills
  • Saves time and money
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Hosted and operated off and on-site
  • Provides ultimate peace of mind to both you and your staff

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