Security in the Workplace – How to Make Employees Feel Safe


The safety and security of employees in the workplace is one of your key responsibilities as a business owner. Quite apart from the moral responsibility, if negligence leads to death or injury you could find that failure to comply with safety procedures at work brings you punitive fines or even a jail term. So, what measures can you take to make your employees feel safe and cared for within the workplace. Here is a quick checklist for you to consider.

Personal Security

Do you have members of staff who work late at night? Employees who have to work late shifts feel more vulnerable after dark, so it is particularly important that you provide them with a sense of security when they are on the premises. Make sure car parks are well lit and have CCTV cameras in place with night vision. CCTV also plays a key role in providing a sense of personal protection to staff who interface with the public on a daily basis. Customer Services are often faced with angry complainants, and tempers can fray. Signs warning customers that CCTV is in operation can act as a powerful reminder that assaults of staff will not be tolerated. CCTV evidence plays a key role in court cases and will give staff a sense of security.

Safety From Fire

Workplace fires are a threat to the safety of both your staff and, also to members of the public who may have access to the building. It is essential that you have working fire alarms fitted throughout your premises, with emergency activation points prominently visible. Every six months you should run a fire drill and carry out a full evacuation of the building. Appointing fire wardens is a legal responsibility, and it is essential that you keep people briefed and trained for this role. Adequate provision of fire alarms throughout the building need not be as expensive as you think. Today there is a wide range of fire warning devices available, including WiFi alarms, high-sensitivity smoke alarms and sprinkler systems. Fire extinguishers should always be primed and maintained, and staff trained in their use.


Security staff within any business are more vulnerable to attack than most employees, and it is essential to think through every scenario they could face. If you have large premises, review your burglar alarm systems carefully. You can have a security assessment free of charge from many burglar alarm companies, who will be able to tell you if you have sufficient provision. Whilst there is no price you can put on personal safety, don’t be too concerned by the cost of updating or expanding intruder alarm systems. Modern devices have kept pace with technology, and Wifi systems avoid the need for expensive wiring. The subsequent drop in pricing means that securing your property is within the budget of most companies, whatever their size. If you need to employ security staff, consider reassuring them by installing a system which alerts the local police or a security control centre if an alarm is tripped. It gives your staff peace of mind to know that help is on the way should an intruder break the perimeter of a site, or gain entry to the premises.


Finally, don’t forget to keep your staff fully briefed on security protocols and drills. Tell them the measures you have put in place, and how they can be accessed. This will reassure your staff that you take their safety and security seriously and that they are protected in their place of work. Feeling safe at work improves staff morale and increases productivity.


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