The rise of Number Plate Recognition


The use of High-Definition CCTV cameras for business surveillance has become the norm. With more business owners wanting to ensure their staff, customers and property are safe from criminal activity.

Surveillance is commonly required where people are vulnerable to criminals such as shopping centres, schools and hospitals; where high value goods require protection such as banks and jewellers; where there is easy opportunity of theft such as warehouse and distribution centres. These are but a few examples of where CCTV cameras can be seen.

HD CCTV is essentially used to monitor movement and data capture with its true 1080p resolution and wide angle viewing; ready to provide that all important evidence in case of criminal prosecution.

While out on surveys speaking to customers, we found the most common question asked is about number plate recognition, given its importance in foiling potential intruders. We are asked whether someone would have to scour through footage to find number plates for particular vehicles.

In the past an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system has been required to solely capture number plate data. Usually this was in the form of a dual head camera with some form of software suite.

However now we offer one standalone compact camera unit that not only captures general footage, but simultaneously records and stores number plates. There are multiple applications of this:

  • Store all staff number plates in a private gated car park. Upon approach to the gate it will open up automatically if it recognises a stored number plate, otherwise it won’t until authorisation has been given.
  • Through analytics you can monitor vehicle patterns. So for example if you suspect a school may be targeted you can look out for vehicles that approach the premises at a regular pattern over a given time.
  • You can monitor whether certain individuals are coming on site, who may not have authorisation.

If you have been considering installing CCTV cameras on-site make sure you have one integrated with an ANPR. Call BusinessWatch today for a free quote on freephone 0808 108 0882 or call your nearest office today:

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