Monthly Archives: July 2019

5 ways that intruder alarms can protect your business

The benefits of installing an intruder alarm If you’re aiming to improve security around your business premises, an intruder alarm system is essential. Installing an intruder alarm can provide the following 5 benefits: Protect your business from theft Deter vandals from entering your premises Provide peace of mind when you’re off-site Reduce insurance premiums Increase […]

What is the difference between a fire warden and a fire marshal?

There is no difference between the role of a fire warden and fire marshal in most workplaces. However, some organisations may wish to use the two titles to help differentiate between two separate roles. The main duties they are tasked with are taking steps to prevent fires and leading fire drills and evacuations. What are […]

Employee of the Month – July 2019

This month’s winner is David Caldicott! Pete Holland, Head of Installation, explains why below: I had a quite big issue with one of our larger customers in Birmingham escalated to me with both our customer and their client getting very frustrated with a failed lock resulting in them being unable to lock the front door […]