Monthly Archives: February 2021

How to Prevent Fires in the Workplace

Within the last year, there have been over 150,000 fires in the UK, according to the Home Office. It’s easy to think that a fire wouldn’t start on your business site, but fires in the workplace are more common than you think. Often started from faulty electrical appliances and general negligence, the majority of these […]

Integrating Fire Safety & Security into Smart Buildings

As technology continues to develop, we’re seeing all aspect of our lives get smarter. From our phones, homes and now commercial buildings. Not only are we creating buildings that improve efficiencies, but also make our lives easier. For example, a building that knows your heating and lighting preferences dependent on the time of day. A […]

Why is Access Control Important? The Benefits Explained

Heard of access control and want to know what it is, why it’s important and the benefits it can have on your business? We’ve explained it all. Keep reading to find out more.   What is Access Control? An access control system is used to control when a specific person can enter a certain location […]

How to Improve Hotel Security

Running a hotel is no easy feat. From checking in guests to cooking, cleaning and organising staff, there will always be something new at the top of the to-do list. However, one thing that should always be at the forefront is hotel security. Something that should never be on guests’ minds, but always on yours. […]