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The Benefits of Fire Alarm Monitoring

Wondering if your fire alarm needs to be monitored? The short answer is no – by law there is no requirement for your fire alarm system to be monitored. However, by not monitoring your fire alarm, it means it is only purposeful if someone hears the alarm and takes action. When unmonitored, your fire alarm […]

How Much Does a Commercial Security System Cost?

Security systems are essential for any commercial business. They act to protect your site, employees and integral assets such as equipment and stock. Commercial security systems also help to deter criminals and prevent your business site from being a target.  We all know their importance, but how much will a commercial security system set you […]

Does a Fire Alarm Need to be Monitored?

Considering investing in your business’ fire safety and upgrading to a monitored fire alarm system? We’re covering all the information you need to know, from how much it’s going to cost to if it’s a legal requirement.  Do fire alarms have to be monitored? The short answer to this question is no. However, just because […]