BusinessWatch provided Grantley Hall with a full update on their security and surveillance system for the safety of their guests, staff and premises.

Grantley Hall is a recently refurbished Grade II listed 5* luxury hotel and wellness retreat, located in Ripon, North Yorkshire. With 47 rooms and suites, spa facilities and vast grounds and gardens, the property has high standards in terms of its luxury customer experience. A full update on their security and surveillance system was necessary for the safety of their guests, staff and premises.

After analysing what was best for the property and the needs of Grantley Hall, it was decided to install the Avigilon high-definition surveillance cameras, Salto Access Control System, CitySync Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Aiphone intercoms. The refurbishment of Grantley Hall’s security system took several years from design through to completion.

From the Start

Before the three year refurbishment, Grantley Hall sat derelict for several years. Devising an entirely new security plan for the property was, therefore, an essential project. The vision was to install a premium solution for the luxury property’s security concerns. During the large complex installation, a temporary CCTV system was put in place to cover the property during the refurbishment and a “project manager was always on hand to give guidance and information where required” states a spokesperson for Grantley Hall.

Interior Hotel & Grounds Surveillance

Grantley Hall has over 150 Avigilon cameras that cover the interior of the hotel as well as the extensive gardens and surrounding grounds. High-quality imagining can now be captured with cutting-edge camera and sensor technologies that include improved night mode and 360-degree viewability. An Avigilon system provides the level of detail Grantley Hall needs with the intelligence to help them make sense of what activities are taking place across the site.

Vehicle Monitoring

The property comprises of a state of the art gym, spa, restaurants, bars and 5* hotel. There are therefore a significant amount of vehicles entering the property a day. A CitySync Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR system) was, therefore, a great high-quality system that allows the accurate tracking of licence plates through all weather conditions, using the best possible image quality, advanced sensors and illuminators. This was linked to the hotel’s guest software, allowing the concierge to meet and greet the guests in the car park and escort them to the appropriate venue.

Control System

A Salto Access Control System was installed meaning they could say goodbye to mechanical keys. Simple to use and extremely efficient, Grantley Hall can now control all their access needs and secure all doors without complex and expensive wiring. Easy to set-up and install, this solution is effective, reliable and future-proof. The natural movement of guests and staff can be managed to improve overall security, access flow as well as provide a seamless customer experience. Grantley Hall now has full peace-of-mind for everyone on the property: from guests and staff to suppliers and visitors.

Overcoming Challenges

Refurbishing a Grade II listed property was always going to have its challenges. However, by working closely with all parties, the team were able to overcome these. A spokesperson from Grantley Hall comments that “…with all major projects of this grandeur there was always going to be obstacles and issues to overcome, but the engineering team worked closely with ourselves and other trades to reduce any downtime and risk of the project over running.”

5* Security for a 5* Experience

Grantley Hall provides a 5* service and experience for their customers, and their security system only leverages this. As well as providing exceptional safety and security for their guests and staff, they can now also provide a premium customer experience.

“BusinessWatch Group and the team at SecuriPlex especially, were very professional in their approach and ran the project very well from inception and the initial communication on design, all the way through to completion. All in all, a very successful project and we look forward to continuing our partnership with SecuriPlex for the ongoing maintenance and monitoring.” – Grantley Hall.


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