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Harrogate Council

BusinessWatch was appointed by Harrogate Council to conduct fire risk assessments (FRAs) of over 40 properties within the region.

Fire Risk Assessments (FRA’s )

A fire risk assessment is fundamental to the development of a robust fire safety strategy and is a legal requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The assessment aims to make buildings safer places to be, by reducing the likelihood of a fire occurring and reducing the consequences for persons in the building.

The Project

Harrogate council is the local government for the Borough of Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England. The council were unsatisfied with their current Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) provider, so BusinessWatch took up the contract through a tender bid scenario.

During the time of the contact, BusinessWatch has scoped over 40 various properties across the Harrogate region. Buildings vary from the Harrogate Convention Centre and the council head office to leisure centres and car parks.


The main challenge Harrogate Council were facing was the management of the FRA process. In addition, for who was responsible for the work and actions needed to get the property to a ‘standard’ and compliant level after the FRA’s had taken place.

Implementation of Risk Warden

To overcome the above challenges, it was decided to implement ‘Risk Warden’, a risk management software that simplifies the process and improves productivity by at least 60%.

Completely cloud-based, Risk Warden is a solution that enhances an organisation’s ability to manage the entire risk process, assessment, management, audit and proof of compliance, plot and list hazards, use ready-made assessment templates, upload and store important documents and customise reports and dashboards that will keep your entire team up to date.

Risk Warden is:

– Simple & intuitive

– User-friendly interface

– Completely cloud-based

Key Software Features

  • Directly plot hazards
  • Access preset evaluation criteria, recommendations & actions
  • Risk assessment templates for consistency
  • Flexible risk matrix
  • Upload & store important risk documents
  • Automatic reminders of renewal deadlines
  • See previous document versions with automatic versioning
  • Action Plans converted into action tasks
  • Automatic risk reduction when actions are completed
  • Automatic colour coding for instant feedback
  • Invite & assign tasks to team members & contractors
  • Customisable reports and dashboards
  • Share & download reports quickly and easily
  • Full audit trail of each users actions

 “We appointed BuinsessWatch Group to conduct our fire risk assessments across the region as we didn’t have a process in place for managing the FRA’s and more importantly the outcome of them. Skye Thomas has done a fantastic job conduction the FRA’s and with the added benefit of the risk warden software package means we have standardised our risk assessment and we know we are always fully compliant.” – Paul Boreham, Harrogate Council Compliance Team.

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