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Yorkshire Water

SecuriPlex, part of the BusinessWatch Group, have both installed and maintained security systems for Yorkshire Water for over 20 years.

About Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water is a water supply and treatment utility company servicing most of the Yorkshire region, along with parts of North Lincolnshire and Derbyshire. Serving 2.3 million households and 130,000 businesses, Yorkshire Water has over 600 waste water treatment works across the region.

Martin Falsey, Yorkshire Water’s Security Manager says: “We renew our security contract every three years. We need a security company who are equipped for dealing with highly secure sites, both in terms of access to sites and ensuring procedures are followed with regards to contamination. Therefore we need to ensure our security provider adheres to these rules, and are adaptable enough to fit in with our requirements, as well as any new procedures that may be implemented in the future.”

The Project

SecuriPlex, part of the BusinessWatch Group, have both installed and maintained security systems for Yorkshire Water for over 20 years. Andy Emms, Branch Director at SecuriPlex says: “Although we were the incumbent supplier, we knew we had to work hard to retain the contract. We were delighted to be awarded the contract and know this is due to the high level of service and commitment we show our customers.”

The new contract includes work on all integrated electronic security solutions including CCTV, intruder alarms, access control systems, intercoms, PIDs and electrified fencing. SecuriPlex are able to provide a complete security service, from initial survey and design of systems, through to installation and commissioning, and maintenance and repair services.

Jonathan Wakerley, Managing Director of the BusinessWatch Group says: “We’re absolutely delighted to work with Yorkshire Water and take pride in the fact that we’re the security company of choice who are able to meet their specific security needs. Having worked with Yorkshire Water for so long, our staff and engineers have a great deal of expert knowledge and experience to service their sites to industry standards.”

“We’re pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with SecuriPlex and the BusinessWatch Group. We feel they’re best placed to offer Yorkshire Water the service required.” – Yorkshire Water

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