• June 18, 2021

    Sustainability has become an important part of the BusinessWatch philosophy in recent years. As much as we are passionate about your safety and security, we are also passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and making a minimal contribution to global warming. 

    Electric Vehicles

    Our biggest action taken towards being a sustainable company is the adoption of electric vehicles for both our engineers and staff. We are committed to being totally electric by 2023 and from now on we will not be purchasing any gasoline vehicles going forwards, including company cars for our employees. Employees eligible for company cars will only be able to choose an electric option. 

    This is something we are incredibly proud of. As a company with an entire fleet of engineer vehicles, who drive around the country to install and maintain our clients’ systems, we were very aware of the impact we were making and the number of vehicle emissions we were responsible for. We, therefore, decided that we couldn’t continue this way and made the switch to electric vehicles.

    EV Charge Points

    The transition to electric vehicles required planning and a new strategy, especially when it came to our engineer fleet. We had to consider new logistics, such as charge point accessibility, home EV charging and tariff billing for work and personal use.

    With the help of eFaraday, the smart EV charging company, we were able to transition our fleet to electric. eFaraday helped us install both fleet charging and workplace charging points, enabling easy charging for both our engineers and office employees. They also have the capability to calculate the electricity used for work and personal use for those of the BusinessWatch team who have an electric charge point at home. 

    Renewable Energy

    To further commit to reducing our carbon footprint, we’ve also switched the energy provider of both our offices to one that only uses renewable energy resources. 

    Sustainable Uniforms

    We’ve also considered the materials, and their impact, of our engineer uniforms. We now only provide uniforms that are made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton.

    Fully Connected & Managed Service

    One of the factors that make BusinessWatch unique, is our ability to offer a fully connected & managed service to our customer’s fire safety and security needs. We can connect all a client’s systems so that they can be managed under one roof. This is not only beneficial for our clients, but also to the environment and helps us to be a more sustainable company. We can:

    • Reduce vehicle emissions from reduced engineer call outs. 
    • Reduce business carbon footprints. 
    • Use less energy due to business efficiencies. 

    Sustainability is Key

    At BusinessWatch, we are always trying to do better. From workplace and fleet EV charging by eFaraday to running on renewable energy, we are continuing to look for ways to do things more sustainably.