We Are Connected

We use smart technology to connect and manage fire and security systems for our clients.

Providing a totally connected and managed service not only benefits our clients but also the environment. We are passionate about sustainability at BusinessWatch and strongly believe in adapting and changing the way we do things to provide a more sustainable solution for our business and for yours.

Why We Are Connected

By providing fully connected systems we realised we can:

  • Reduce vehicle emissions from reduced engineer call outs.
  • Reduce business carbon footprints.
  • Less energy usage due to increased business efficiency.

A fully connected BusinessWatch system improves efficiency, reliability, productivity and is a more sustainable option for your company and employees. Have all your security and fire systems under one managed system.

How Does It Work?

A connected system with BusinessWatch allows all your security systems to be managed remotely, through efficient communication. Not only do we manage security alerts but also technical faults (subject to system type, software and hardware version and an IP or GPRS connectivity.)

We will identify a fault before your system fails, reducing costs of system downtime, staff waiting times, potential losses from theft and the need for an engineer call out. This is remote, efficient communication at its finest.

  1. System Fault Detected – A fault is detected, triggering an alarm notification.
  2. Alarm Notification Received – The alarm notification is sent to our Tech Team.
  3. Issue Diagnosed & Resolved – Where possible, our Tech Team will fix the issue remotely.
  4. Full Report Analysis – A full report analysis is sent to the customer.
  5. Job Closed – (all without engineer attendance)

Smart Systems We Provide

We are specialists in smart solutions for the security and fire safety industries.

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Types of Connected Systems

BusinessWatch offers two types of connected system, Constantly Connected and Manually Connected. Both offer their own benefits and advantages depending on your business and security needs.

Manually Connected

A Manually Connected system allows us to connect to your security system as and when is required. E.g. to carry out remote commissioning, diagnostics, maintenance, customer training. This method allows us to connect to a security system and every possible component to enable remote fault diagnosis and resolution.

Manually connected systems include:

Constantly Connected

A Constantly Connected system is monitored remotely 24/7. We are instantly notified if there is a problem or technical fault with any part of your business’s system and therefore can fix the issue.

Constantly connected systems include:

Benefits of Connected Managed Services

  • 24/7 hr monitoring (constantly connected systems only)
  • Acts as eyes & ears on site when there’s a reduced workforce
  • Issues automatically reported to a technical support team
  • Faults are often resolved remotely
  • Physical site attendance is rarely needed
  • Saves cost of system downtime
  • Reduces need and cost of engineers
  • Critical functionality is maintained 24/7
  • Reduced PMI visits
  • Business is not left to notice or report faults
  • Security is not compromised
  • Cost-effective
  • Boosts business efficiency
  • Reduce business carbon footprint

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