• July 5, 2019

    This month’s winner is David Caldicott! Pete Holland, Head of Installation, explains why below:

    I had a quite big issue with one of our larger customers in Birmingham escalated to me with both our customer and their client getting very frustrated with a failed lock resulting in them being unable to lock the front door to one of their clients’ internal offices.

    We had a service engineer out this afternoon who confirmed an alignment issue but couldn’t resolve. I then organised for the specialist lock installers to attend first thing tomorrow with the same engineer to resolve. This caused more distress with the client as they couldn’t leave the door insecure.

    I spoke with David at around 5.30pm for some overview of the install works carried out – he was driving back from a job in Southampton at the time; he without prompt or ask said he would go tonight to have a look at the lock as he had a fair idea of the issue.

    He got there at 20:00. I got an update at 21:00 saying he had found the issue – a problem with the latch on the lock. He spent time filing it down to be more forgiving on the locking clasp. He then tested the door, contacted the customer and me to confirm the issue had been resolved, making further suggestions to do the same to the other doors to avoid any future issues.

    I have then been able to cancel the lock specialist and our service engineer from attending tomorrow thus saving cost and allowing reallocation of the service engineer.

    This is a real demonstration of going above and beyond for the good of the customer and the business.

    Well done David! A credit to the BusinessWatch team.