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Fire Escape Plans

At BusinessWatch, we provide high-quality, bespoke Fire Escape Plans that are compliant with all current UK fire legislation. We work closely with you to provide accurate plans that are easy to understand and follow, even for children and the elderly.

What are Fire Escape Plans?

A Fire Escape Plan is a visual document that identifies and clearly showcases all the emergency escapes and exits within a building. This document can be an essential part of a workplace or site’s Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan (FEEP), a written document that is customised to the individual site and states which actions must be taken in the event of a fire, including how to contact the emergency services.

The Fire Escape Plan includes schematic drawings of the site and building layout, as well as the closest emergency escape routes, fire exits and final assembly points. They need to be clear and easy to understand, making for a quick and easy evacuation for those within the building in the event of an emergency. If the premises has multiple floors, then each floor will have a bespoke Fire Escape Plan. 

Do I need a Fire Escape Plan?

It is not a legal requirement to have Fire Escape Plans created and accessible within your building or site. 

However, it is a legal requirement to meet the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which requires any person with a level of control over a premises, whether that be a property manager or employer, to take reasonable steps in reducing the risk of fire as well as ensuring everyone can safely and easily escape if a fire were to break out. 

You, therefore, have a responsibility to provide clear information on your site’s fire evacuation plan and the procedures that must be carried out in the event of a fire, such as how to raise the alarm and directions of the nearest escape route. 

Having Fire Escape Plans created for your building will therefore help you remain compliant with current UK legislation by effectively communicating your evacuation procedure in the event of a fire.

Why are they important? 

Fire Escape Plans make it easy and clear to understand how to evacuate a building. Due to their visual design, it enables them to be universally understood, reducing any confusion or misunderstanding from alternative written instructions of the fire evacuation plan. In fact, text instructions or complicated architectural drawings can fail to be effective and often delay the evacuation process, putting lives at risk. 

If people can easily evacuate a building it will significantly decrease the risk of mortality and injury from fire, making Fire Escape Plans an important aspect of your overall fire safety plan. 

Having Fire Escape Plans created for your building or site will therefore not only help you be compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, but it will also improve the safety of all those within your organisation’s building. 

About our service

At BusinessWatch, we provide high-quality, bespoke Fire Escape Plans that are compliant with all current UK fire legislation. We work closely with you to provide accurate plans that are easy to understand and follow, even for children and the elderly. We understand the importance of prompt evacuation and that in the event of a fire, every second counts. We, therefore, work hard to provide professional Fire Escape Plans that are effective and save lives. 

By using your current floor plans, or carrying out our own site survey, we’ll create a bespoke plan for your organisation and site. It will be a clear, simple and easy to follow image of the floorplan with easy to identify evacuation routes and exits. 

We’ll advise on the necessary details but are flexible and can include other useful building features such as certain fire safety equipment, if you wish. Standard Fire Escape Plans will include:

  • Clear floor name or number
  • Evacuations routes
  • Fire exits 
  • Assembly Point
  • Fire alarm call point
  • Fire safety equipment 
  • Instructions on what to do in event of a fire
  • Correctly oriented “You Are Here”

A digital copy of your designs will be provided as well as printed versions on your required medium. We can also install your Fire Escape Plans around your building if required, for an additional cost. 

Why work with us? 

  • Experienced team of fire safety consultants
  • High-quality, accurate designs
  • Bespoke & fully tailored plans
  • Printed on various mediums
  • Friendly, responsive & passionate team 
  • Experience working with top brands & companies across the UK
  • Full flexibility – if you want extra features plans, we can accommodate

Next steps

If you’re interested in getting professional and accurate Fire Escape Plans printed for your building and site, then get in touch. The team will be happy to help and give you a free quote based on your needs. Contact us online here or call us on 0330 094 7404. 

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