BusinessWatch provides a full design and emergency lighting installation service for your lighting requirements, ensuring that in an emergency your staff and visitors can safely find their way out of the building.

All emergency lighting installation and testing are carried out by competent qualified engineers to the standards required by BS 5266. This gives you the peace of mind that the type of emergency lighting in your building is maintained to the highest possible standards.

Consultation and Design

The first stage is an in-depth consultation, which allows the emergency lighting system to be designed to both meet requirements and comply with fire safety legislation. Your Fire Risk Assessment will help determine the complexity and siting of your emergency lighting requirements. Our in-house, expert design team will then devise a system design to specify types of lighting, the relevant location, mode of operation and duration required.

Where Should Emergency Lights and Signs Be Located?

Lighting and exit signs need to be situated to enable occupants of a building to quickly determine the fastest, safest exit route of a building. Attention should focus on stairways, changes in floor level, corridor junctions, changes in direction, control/plant rooms, lifts, the outside of each final exit, and toilet areas. Fire alarm call points and fire fighting equipment also need to be clearly lit.

Whilst it may not be necessary to provide lighting for each area above, there needs to be sufficient illumination to allow visibility. Care homes, hospitals, crowded venues such as pubs, nightclubs and supermarkets, and premises offering overnight accommodation such as hotels require special consideration.

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    Commissioning Certificate and Logbook

    BS 5266 requires a written declaration of compliance to be completed and available on-site for inspection.

    A photometric performance measurement is also required, alongside evidence that the emergency lighting system is compliant with minimum light levels.

    Once your new emergency lighting system is installed, your BusinessWatch engineer will issue you with a completion certificate.

    All system tests and results need to be logged in a Fire Safety Log Book. This will be provided upon installation of your emergency lighting system, or you should have one as part of your fire alarm system installation. BusinessWatch will provide:

    • Fire Safety log book
    • System commissioning forms
    • Testing forms and instructions

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