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firexo fire extinguishersFirexo is a fire fighting game-changer.

With just one solution, you can extinguish any type of fire. Most people are unsure which extinguisher to use on which type of fire. Often the source of the fire is unknown! Firexo eliminates this confusion by providing a single solution to extinguish ALL types of fire in seconds.

Only 38% of adults claim to know which extinguisher to use on each class of fire


Firexo is a new, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly solution to extinguishing fires.
Firexo removes the risk of wasting time checking which type of extinguisher is required for the type of fire.
It can be used to extinguish all fires, fast. It’s unique formulation also removes the risk of fire re-ignition.


The Firexo range includes extinguishers in a range of sizes to suit all business premises.

The Firexo extinguishers come in 2, 6 and 9 litre versions. Your fire risk assessment will determine the number of extinguishers needed for your business site. However, it isn’t necessary to have multiple types of extinguishers any more as the Firexo extinguisher is suitable for all fire types.

Also, as the Firexo unique solution is more effective, smaller units are needed than traditional extinguishers saving even more space.

As well as the standard sizes above, a 500ml extinguisher is available to ensure you’re protected on the go. The Firexo is suitable for camping, to keep in a glovebox or toolkit, this small portable extinguisher is designed for quick emergencies.

As well as extinguishers, Firexo is also available in sachets. These sachets are designed specifically for pan fires. Simply place the sachet in the pan and the fire is extinguished within seconds, eliminating the risk of smothering a fire with a fire blanket.


  • Less extinguishers needed
  • Removes risk of using the wrong extinguisher
  • Gives confidence as no choice of extinguishers to use
  • Fast knock down of fires
  • Cools to touch and prevents re-ignition
  • Safe to the environment
  • Non toxic

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