Fire doors within any building should be inspected regularly for damage that may prevent the door from performing correctly in the event of a fire. If any issues are found with a fire door, they should be fixed as soon as possible using the correct fire-rated parts.

Why Do Fire Doors Need Maintaining?

In the same way as your fire extinguishers or fire alarm detectors are checked regularly, fire doors should also be inspected and maintained as part of your fire safety strategy. During the course of normal business operations, fire doors can become damaged or altered and this can affect the operation of the door in the event of a fire. A fire door needs to contain a fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. Any damage to a door, no matter how minor it may seem, can reduce this time dramatically, which could have a fatal impact on the ability to escape the building from a fire.

Remember, you must maintain fire doors regularly and correctly otherwise you may be prosecuted under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

Frequency of Inspection

We recommend checking fire doors at least every 6 months. If a building is new, then we suggest your fire doors are checked more frequently, especially during the first year of use. Fire doors that are subject to heavy traffic (for example, hospital corridors) should be checked even more frequently (weekly or monthly) depending on usage.

Is it the Law to Have Fire Doors Inspected?

Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order states it is a legal requirement to ensure that fire-resisting doors and escape doors are both installed correctly and maintained regularly in order for them to be fit for purpose. If breaches of the RRO occur, you may be prosecuted and your building may even be closed down if it is deemed too dangerous to stay operational.

What’s The Next Step?

BusinessWatch both install new and inspects existing fire doors. If you’re:

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