Electricity is proven through UK statistics to be the main cause of accidental fires in business premises. Fire causes disruption to business continuity, and even the smallest of fires can cause issues with continuing to deliver for your customers.

Fire suppression systems for electrical cupboards and server stores provides reassurance that electrical systems be protected, and should a fire occur that it will be extinguished quickly and efficiently before it causes any lasting damage to your building or your ability to continue with business as usual.

How Electrical Fire Suppression Systems Work

These systems use linear detection tubing to detect and suppress fire. It is installed throughout cableways and enclosures. Should a high temperature or fire occur the pressurised tubing bursts and the extinguishant is released to directly extinguish the fire.

Because the tubing bursts at the point of heat, the extinguishant is released at exactly the right location of the fire.

A switch is also added to the system so should the tubing burst, a signal is deployed to isolate the power and issue an alarm.

Electrical Fire Suppression

Where Can it be Installed?

Electrical cupboard fire suppression can be installed in any enclosed area where there is a risk of fire from electrical equipment or cable faults. An electrical cupboard suppression system is responsible for protecting the integral functions of your business by protecting servers, telecoms equipment or any other electrical equipment. Electrical cupboard fire suppression is particularly suited to server cupboards, telecoms enclosures & electrical cupboards.

Benefits of an Electrical Suppression System

Installation Time

Because every project is unique, we’re unable to give an exact timeline for the installation of your fire suppression system. However, below are the usual steps taken to ensure you receive a system that is installed and commissioned to the highest standards.

  • Initial discussions – with one of our fire suppression experts. This will help define your requirements, the proposed location of the system and your expectations.

  • Site visit – this is more often than not required so we can fully survey the site and proposed location and check for anything which may compromise the system. We will also take any further information we need such as cupboard measurements.

  • System design – our in-house expert design team will look at all requirements and design a suppression system to exactly fit both your requirements and the area which is to be protected.

  • Installation – once the proposal and design are signed off, we will arrange an installation date with you. If necessary, this can be out of usual business hours to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day business.

  • Commission & handover – once installed, we will commission the fire suppression system and hand over all documentation. We will also discuss mandatory maintenance schedules for your system, which you will receive a quote for during the initial design process.

Our Clients

What Happens Next?

If you’re thinking of installing a new fire suppression system or are looking for servicing and maintenance of an existing suppression system, then call us on 0330 094 7404 to speak with one of our suppression specialists.

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