Ensuring the proper maintenance of fire doors is crucial for maintaining the safety and integrity of a building. At BusinessWatch, we offer comprehensive fire door maintenance services to help you meet regulatory requirements and keep your occupants or employees protected in the event of a fire.

Why Does Fire Door Maintenance Matter? 

Fire doors play a vital role in compartmentalising fire and smoke, preventing their spread throughout a building and providing occupants with a safe means of escape. A form of passive fire protection, their regular maintenance is essential in ensuring fire doors function effectively when needed most. By addressing issues such as damaged components, improper seals, and faulty hardware, fire door maintenance helps to maintain their fire resistance rating and ensure they operate as intended during a fire emergency.

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About Our Service

Our team of qualified fire door technicians will carry out any maintenance of fire doors to ensure they remain in optimal condition. If you’ve had a fire door inspection and require maintenance, our comprehensive maintenance service has you covered focusing on any repairs or replacements. 

If any issues are identified during the inspection, our technicians will promptly repair or replace damaged components to restore the fire door’s functionality and integrity.

Why Work With Us? 

  • Experienced team of fire safety consultants
  • High-quality & reliable maintenance
  • Friendly, responsive & passionate team
  • Experience working with top brands & companies across the UK


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