• September 26, 2019

    BusinessWatch are proud to announce that we now stock Firexo fire extinguishers. Firexo’s award winning solution is suitable for tackling all types of fire. Therefore there’s no need to think about what type of extinguisher is needed for a certain class of fire. This means that users can act faster when a fire starts.

    The Firexo model has also been proven to:

    • Be biodegradable, non-toxic, easy to clean up after and environmentally friendly
    • Put out fires quicker, due to its rapid cooling properties
    • Take up less space and help cut fire protection costs
    • Prevent the reignition of fires and cool surfaces to a touchable temperature

    This innovative solution is likely to be adopted in workplaces and homes across the globe in the near future. That’s why we’re proud to be ahead of the curve and we look forward to installing them in client premises across the UK.

    Firexo extinguishers are a game changing development in fire safety

    There are five different types of fire extinguisher currently used in business properties across the UK. These include:

    • Water
    • Foam
    • Dry powder
    • CO2
    • Wet chemical

    Traditionally, different classes of fire have called for a different extinguisher. But all that is about to change now with the invention of an all in one fire extinguisher.

    Firexo’s range has been tested against all classes of fire to ensure the user remains protected when tackling the flames. They produce a water based, non-toxic liquid, which tackles 2 key elements of the fire triangle (oxygen and heat).

    Eliminating confusion at the crucial moment


    Just 38% of adults know which extinguisher to use on each class of fire*. This statistic highlights the confusion that surrounds the existing variety of solutions on the market.

    The same independent research concluded that 7 in 10 UK adults would be prepared to use a fire extinguisher*. But that would only be if they were confident they were using the correct type for the fire they were tackling.

    A Firexo extinguisher eliminates that seed of doubt in the mind of the user. This is because it can be used on any fire, including:

    • Solid materials
    • Flammable liquids
    • Gases
    • Metals
    • Electrical appliances
    • Cooking oils

    By stocking a one size fits all solution across a site, the person reacting to a fire can be always be confident the extinguisher is fit for purpose. They no longer need to ask themselves the question – what kind of fire extinguisher do I need?

    No chance of reignition

    We have been asked many times what extinguisher type is suitable for virtually all fire risks. The closest answer to this, in the past, has been a dry powder model.

    Powder based extinguishers have been popular in recent times, due to their suitability of tackling three classes of fire. However, the powder is not only toxic and messy, it also poses a risk of reignition.

    In comparison, the water-based liquid inside Firexo extinguishers does not reignite. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. Therefore it presents a more environmentally friendly solution and results in less mess and damage when it is deployed.

    Rapid cooling saves time and storage space

    Another key advantage of a Firexo extinguisher is its efficiency compared to other extinguisher types. Because of the rapid cooling properties of the liquid it expels, fires can be extinguished faster.

    This means that, in a lot of cases, smaller extinguishers can be introduced to your site instead of larger units. This has the potential to save you both space and expense at your business premises.

    Firexo extinguishers are available in three different sizes, including 2 litre, 6 litre and 9 litre models. Mini extinguishers and sachets can also be purchased, ideal for placing in vehicles and kitchens.

    Find out more from our fire safety specialists

    Our expert team would be delighted to discuss the benefits of introducing Firexo’s all in one fire extinguisher to your business premises.

    Contact our team today or find out more about our fire protection services today.

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    *The statistics provided in this article reflect a study of 6,000 participants by Arlington Research, on behalf of Firexo.