• June 18, 2021

    The risk of crime, security system downtime and accidents are all major concerns when running a workplace. If any of these occur, they can have massive implications on your company and employees, both financially and mentally. 

    However, video analytics have the technical capabilities to reduce potential crime, downtime and accidents in the workplace. 


    What is video analytics?

    Video analytics is a type of software technology that uses an algorithm to process video footage data and in turn, perform security-related actions. This means that video analytics can read video footage and identify key data, such as identifying individuals, vehicles and other objects, as well as their movements and appearances. This is especially useful when wanting to identify certain individuals, cars or objects.

    Workplaces can set up their video analytics to search for certain triggers within the video footage. When these are found, an alarm is sounded to those monitoring the CCTV system. It is therefore an efficient way to ensure no activity or footage gets missed due to human error. It also saves time and money on having a security individual constantly watch CCTV footage, waiting for an incident to occur.


    Are they standard in CCTV systems?

    Not all standard CCTV systems will come with video analytics software. They will simply consist of video cameras and a recording system. However, every CCTV system will have the ability to be used in combination with video analytics, simply by adding the relevant software. 


    How can video analytics reduce crime?

    Video analytics is a great addition to your CCTV system to increase the safety and security of your workplace and reduce crime. Video analytic technology can do a number of features, such as identifying: 

    • Specific individuals or persons of interest through facial recognition. 
    • An individual crossing a boundary line. 
    • Loitering. 
    • Object removal.
    • Abandoned objects.
    • Motion detection.

    Therefore, if there’s suspicious activity out of, or during working hours, the system will pick it up and send a notification stating the type of alert. Video analytics are always monitoring CCTV footage, meaning it can be relied upon to always track activity and add an extra layer of security and protection to a workplace. 

    Video analytics can help to reduce crime by identifying an intruder, suspicious objects and break-ins, as well as specific individuals who are known to carry out crime.


    How can video analytics reduce downtime?

    Downtime of CCTV systems can lead to comprised security of a workplace. It is therefore important that a system has as little downtime as possible in order to ensure maximum safety and security of the premises and employees. 

    Video analytics can be used to detect security system and camera tampering, sabotage and vandalism. For example, if a camera lens is covered, painted over or turned away from its original position, it can be set up to sound an alarm and identify those in charge that the security system has been compromised. Without the alert, it could be several hours or even days before someone notices that a camera is not working properly. By that time, the intrusion and or theft could have already been committed. 

    In addition, video analytics can also identify other variables that if not identified, could cause significant system downtime and sufficient cost to the company. For example, lighting issues. If the light is poor and video footage can’t be picked up, it will send an alert. 


    How can video analytics reduce accidents in the workplace?

    Video analytics software can also be programmed to identify potential risks and activity that could cause harm to individuals and the premises. Therefore, helping to reduce accidents and improve health and safety in the workplace. 

    According to the UK Health and Safety Executive, 693,000 people sustained an injury at work between 2019-2020, with 111 deaths! It is therefore important to have systems in place to identify and prevent accidents from happening but to also provide footage for insurance claims. 

    Some triggers that video analytics can be programmed to identify are: 

    • People counting (especially useful for crowd control or social distancing areas). 
    • A motionless body.
    • Area obstruction (such as a fire exit).
    • Fall detection.
    • Panic (an incident that causes a number of people to suddenly turn around and run in the opposite direction can be recognised).
    • Speed monitoring of vehicles.

    Video analytics, therefore, have a number of benefits that will make a workplace safer and more secure. By installing video analytics software to work alongside your CCTV system, you’ll not only be improving the productivity and efficiency of your security personnel but will also be reducing potential crime, system downtime and accidents in your workplace. 

    At BusinessWatch, we’ll work with you to install video analytics to a new or current CCTV system, with all the variables your workplace wants and needs. Call us on 0330 094 7404 today or email us at enquiries@businesswatchgroup.local for a free quotation.