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    May 5, 2023

    Security in today’s world, is essential for commercial businesses. This is due to the devastating impacts of criminal, or other incidents, can have on an organisation no matter its size. Potential threats such as theft, vandalism, trespassing and break-ins can all have a snowballing impact on a business and its employees which can lead to significant financial loss, as well as a loss in productivity and even business reputation. In this blog, we’ll discuss how commercial security systems can prevent business losses.

    What is a commercial security system?

    A commercial security system can take many different forms, but essentially is an internal system that acts to improve the level of security of a business site, by helping quickly identify when a physical security breach has occurred or by deterring criminal activity in the first place. A commercial security system, therefore, acts to reduce the level of security risk associated with a business and its premises. Most commonly a commercial security system will consist of an intruder alarm, CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras and/or an access control system.

    Are there different types of commercial security systems? 

    There are different types of commercial security systems, and depending on the business site can be tailored to their individual needs. CCTV systems, access control systems and intruder alarm systems are all classed as commercial security systems and a business can have just one, a combination of, or all three installed when we refer to a commercial security system. 

    Why is a commercial security system important for businesses? 

    A commercial security system is important for businesses because it can help prevent business losses in the event of criminal activity or another incident. These losses could include business downtime, loss of stock, premise damage, as well as overall financial loss. Many businesses are not able to recover from being a target of criminal activity or an unfortunate event due to the significant impact and loss it’s had on both the business and its employees. A UK government study found that one in ten business premises that experienced crime or theft with an annual turnover above £1 million, reported a serious or severe financial impact. Commercial security systems can reduce this risk and act as a preventive measure against business loss, making them a very important investment for many businesses. They can also provide peace of mind to the business owner and its employees knowing that the site is protected. 

    5 ways a commercial security system can prevent business losses 

    1. Prevent Intrusion & Theft

    The installation of a commercial security system can have a significant impact on preventing future intrusions and theft. This is due to the key components of commercial security systems, such as CCTV cameras, motion detectors and alarms, as well as access control systems working to deter criminals and catch them in the act. CCTV cameras can pick up live footage of the incriminating individual as well as any suspicious activity, whilst alarms and access control can notify a site’s security personnel or the police if a break-in is attempted. Many criminals want as little hassle or commotion as possible when carrying out their crimes, meaning the mere sight of these commercial security systems can deter them from a site and send them in search of another target. 

    2. Monitor Employees

    Employee theft is a sad reality, with nearly 500 incidents reported every month in the UK. Employee theft was up 19% in the last year and is therefore a significant security risk for many businesses. A commercial security system can therefore help to monitor employees, deterring them from carrying out any criminal activity or internal theft, as well as catch them in the act if they were to do so, via video footage. An access control system can effectively help businesses restrict employee access to certain areas of a site, such as where valuable assets or information is stored, thus reducing the likelihood of theft.

    3. Protect Against Vandalism

    Vandalism is another potential threat to businesses that can lead to detrimental losses. With the help of a commercial security system, security cameras and alarm systems can capture perpetrators and alert the authorities. Motion sensor security lighting and gates or barriers can also be installed to deter potential vandals. 

    4. Reduce the Risk of Fire

    Although a business site is likely to have its own fire safety system in place, a commercial security system can also be used in tandem to also help prevent fires. This is because the fire safety system can be effectively integrated with a commercial security system to provide early warning signs of fire breaking out, such as visually capturing smoke on a CCTV system. This can therefore help prevent the damages and business losses associated with fire damage, as well as injury or loss of life to employees. 

    5. Reduce Business Downtime

    With an effective commercial security system in place, a business can be back up and running quickly with minimal downtime if a break-in or other criminal act took place. This is because the security system could immediately notify the site keyholder or emergency services, to have a quick response, therefore bettering the chance of stopping the criminal in their tracks and bringing them to justice or deterring them from the scene. Employees will also feel safer knowing they are in a protected environment and will not have to have significant time off, thus impacting the business’s operations and productivity.

    What other benefits are there to commercial security systems? 

    As well as reducing the security risk of a business site, preventing business losses and deterring crime, there are some other benefits to commercial security systems. These include: 

    • Peace of mind – for the business owner & employees.
    • Reduced insurance premiums – due to the site being classed as lower risk.
    • Good business reputation – known to be a secure business that takes the safety of its employees and customers seriously. 

    In conclusion, commercial security systems are essential for businesses, large and small. Not only do they protect against potential losses due to vandalism, theft, intrusion and other criminal activities, but provide peace of mind and confidence to business owners and employees that they are protected. Although an investment, the benefits and the ability to prevent business losses far outweigh the costs, especially when it comes to safeguarding a business, its assets and its people. 

    Installing Commercial Security Systems 

    If you’re looking to install a new commercial security system for your business, or are looking for an upgrade on a current system, we can help. Fully NSI Gold approved and trusted by the UK’s leading organisations, speak to the team today for a free, no-obligation quotation. Call us on 0330 094 7404 or click here to email us.