• July 31, 2021

    What are commercial CCTV systems?

    CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is sometimes referred to as video surveillance. A commercial CCTV system is, therefore, a connected set of surveillance cameras and recording equipment that is linked to an isolated and independent network, meaning only selected individuals are able to access the system and camera footage. 

    Commercial CCTV systems are a great and efficient way for businesses, big or small, to privately monitor their site, or perhaps a particular room or area, for suspicious activity or intruders.

    Between 2019 and 2020, there were over 400,000 burglaries across England and Wales showing that it’s essential to have a good security system and especially CCTV in place. A commercial CCTV system can act as an extra layer of security and can even be used to discourage criminal activity. 


    How much do commercial CCTV systems cost?

    Commercial CCTV systems can range on average from just £500 to upwards of £2,000. All costs are relative to the size and riskiness of your business premises and this is something to factor in when thinking of installing a commercial CCTV system. For example, a small retail shop will not need as many CCTV cameras to cover the area compared to a large scale warehouse containing expensive electronics. Their CCTV system will cost much less than the warehouse. 

    As well as factors such as the size of the area wanting to be surveilled, the quality and amount of CCTV equipment used, the building type and camera locations, there are other costs involved with video surveillance systems that can make it more expensive.

    Hardware Costs

    The type of CCTV equipment, components and hardware you choose will have an impact on the overall costs. Choosing more high-tech and premium products will inevitably cost you more, but it may be that your site requires the higher level of security that they provide, making it a worthwhile investment into your site security.

    Installation Costs

    To ensure everything is working currently, it is advised to get your CCTV system is professionally installed by an NSI Gold accredited provider. This guarantees that your system will be meeting all the necessary standards and will be working safely and proficiently. This of course comes with a cost, which will vary with each security provider. At BusinessWatch, we’ll provide you will a free quote covering all installation and additional costs.  

    Monitoring Costs

    CCTV systems have the ability to be unmonitored or monitored. A monitored system means that a third party are constantly monitoring your system for potential faults as well as criminal activity, whereby they can escalate the issue immediately and action an emergency response. This adds an extra layer of protection to your site with contracts usually charged on a monthly basis. You can expect to pay from £10.00 a month, based on your system set-up.

    Maintenance Costs

    It’s a good idea to receive regular maintenance checks on your commercial CCTV systems to make sure everything is in working order. The biggest cost of all is when an incident happens and you realise the cameras aren’t working. A maintenance contract is an additional annual or monthly cost whereby an engineer will service your entire CCTV system. 


    Considerations you need to make when budgeting for a CCTV system

    We’ve already covered the direct factors that influence the cost of a CCTV system, but what about the other factors that could make a difference when budgeting for a security system? 

    We’ve put together 5 considerations you should be making.

    Do You Need 24/7 Monitoring?

    There are two types of security systems, monitored and unmonitored. Essentially, a monitored system is when you pay a third party to professionally monitor your security system for faults as well as criminal activity. The monitoring will be carried out remotely and be provided constantly 24/7. It eliminates the need for someone to be on site at all times and provides a quicker way for an emergency response if an incident did occur. In contrast, an unmonitored system is one that no third party is looking over and as the owner, you will be solely responsible for the system. 

    Although a monitored system does provide a higher level of security, it is more expensive and is usually charged at a monthly cost. If you have a complex or large scale site, you might see it as an essential investment into the safety and security of your business. If it is on a smaller scale and you are confident that you can efficiently monitor your own system, you might decide to do without. 

    What are your most critical risks? 

    Weighing up your most critical risks is an important process when deciding on a security system. The level of risk you face can influence the type of security system you have and the extra components you need, which will of course have an impact on how much you need to budget. 

    By working with your chosen security system provider, they’ll be able to advise you on the system design you need to address your risks and concerns. 

    How will insurance be affected by the security system?

    Changes in the status of risk, safety and security of your site will most likely have an impact on your insurance. In most cases, a positive one! A security system improves the safety and security of your site and therefore lowers the risk of an incident. This could mean a decrease in your security premiums, allowing the saving to be spent elsewhere. It is a good idea to talk to your insurance provider before you make any changes to your security system to see how it will affect your current contract. 

    Is your site easy to access or breach?

    If your site is easy to access or breach then this will appear as an increased risk and you may want to consider additional security measures to make it more secure. This could be in the form of an access control system, gates and or barriers. These may be additional components that you may not have previously considered but could prove to be vital in improving your site security and the safety of your employees and visitors. 

    How much value does security protection provide?

    Security systems can be a significant investment and it’s easy to just install the bare minimum, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, it is important to weigh up the costs you’ll face if a break-in or theft did occur, so as to see the true value in your security system. Most often, businesses only see the value in good security systems when it’s too late. 

    Consider the financial costs of a break-in. You’ll have a loss of stock, equipment and even physically cash. Not to mention the damage to your site from the intruder breaking and entering. 

    What about if someone committed arson and your entire site burned down? Would these costs outweigh the cost of a security system? Most likely, yes! 

    In addition to the financial loss, there’s also the time, energy and emotional losses that will take a toll on yourself and your employees.


    Get a quote

    Valuing the cost of a commercial CCTV system can be difficult to do alone. There are a lot of factors that play a part and can vary massively from business to business. The best way to get an accurate cost for your site is by contacting a reputable, NSI Gold approved CCTV system provider and asking for a quote. 

    At BuinessWatch, we provide FREE, no-obligation quotes to those that enquire. Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to talk through your wants, needs and concerns, as well as your budget to find a CCTV solution that works for you. 

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