• March 30, 2021

    It’s essential for all business premises to have a fire detection system in place, as enforced by current UK fire alarm regulations. This means that you need a system that will easily detect a fire and will alert any people within the building.


    How much will a fire alarm system cost?

    How much your commercial fire alarm system will cost depends on several factors. These include the type of fire alarm system, the size of your premises, the number of detection elements (sensors & alarms) within your system, as well as if you choose to have your fire alarm system monitored or unmonitored.

    For an accurate quotation, get in touch with your installer. However, on average a commercial fire alarm system can range anywhere from £50, for one battery alarm, to over £5,000, for a full high-tech integrated system.


    What factors determine the cost of a fire alarm system?

    The type of fire alarm system:

    There are several types of fire alarm systems available and which type you choose will depend on what is the most appropriate for your company, sector and your site needs. At BusinessWatch, we’ll work with you to decide the best option for your business.

    Options include:

    Conventional Fire Alarm System – Made up of zones, this system will tell you within which zone of your site an alarm has been activated in.

    Addressable Fire Alarm System – Each device has its own address, so when triggered you will know exactly which alarm is sounding and will find a potential fire much quicker.

    Wireless Fire Alarm – No need for phone lines, a radio signal is transmitted to and from the devices, throughout the premises.

    You will also need to know which category of fire alarm you require, which is specified within a fire risk assessment. A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, so don’t skip carrying it out! Get an instant quote for a fire risk assessment with us today.


    The size of the premises:

    The size of your business premises will determine the type of fire alarm system you will need, as well as the number of devices within it. All of which will determine the overall price of your fire alarm system. Therefore, the larger your premises, the more area you need to cover and the more costly your fire alarm system will be.


    Number & type of detection elements:

    It is up to you how simple or complex your fire alarm system, however the more complex it becomes with the addition of more detection elements, the more it will cost. Types of detection elements you can include within your fire alarm system to increase it’s level of fire safety include:

    • Fire alarms
    • Fire suppression systems
    • Fire extinguishers
    • Fire doors
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Multi-sensor detectors
    • Roll call system

    There is also the option to integrate your fire alarm system into your access control, to have full control of all your safety and security systems.


    Monitored or unmonitored system:

    Having your fire alarm system monitored will increase the overall cost, but it will also improve the overall safety to your site, employees and visitors. In situations when there is a fire out of hours, the fire alarm system monitoring provider will be able to instantly action the fire brigade. If the system was unmonitored, it could go unnoticed and cause severe damage.

    A monitored system can also reduce false fire alarms, saving your business valuable money and time. In the last year, the UK government reported 42% of incidents attended by the fire and rescue services were to false alarms.

    If you’re interest to see how much the monthly cost of a monitored system would be with us, click here to get a free, no-obligation quote.


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    There are therefore many factors that influence the cost of a commercial fire alarm system. The best way to price up the entire cost of the system is to request a quote.

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