• May 13, 2020

    Ensuring your staff have all the safety information they need is a vital way that you can prevent fires in your workplace.  Fire safety training is therefore a key requirement outlined in the RRO, an official government safety standard for non-domestic buildings.

    However, many of those responsible for arranging the training are unaware of how often it should be carried out. To guide you, our experts have rounded up the most frequently asked questions around this topic.

    How often should fire safety training be carried out?

    Fire safety training should be carried out with your staff every 12 months. In some circumstances, you should provide additional training. Factors that may prompt this include:

    • An incident occurs in your industry, which impacts on your own business and safety procedures.
    • There is a significant change to your fire safety policy and evacuation procedure.
    • You invest in new equipment that works differently to the old equipment.
    • You or a colleague suspect that several members of your team lack vital fire safety knowledge.

    By consistently providing annual training, you can effectively refresh the knowledge of your team on fire safety. That way, you can be assured that they will act appropriately in the event of a fire breaking out at work.

    As the responsible person within your organisation, you are required to log all training sessions and acquire a completion certificate for each. This will prove that you are fulfilling your training responsibilities, as advised under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order.

    In addition to a general fire awareness course,  more specific fire safety training courses can be provided by BusinessWatch. These courses can boost knowledge in particular areas relating to your fire safety strategy. Specialist training available includes fire warden training, fire extinguisher training and fire door inspection training.

    What fire training should be undertaken if we move to new premises?

    In the event that your business moves to new premises, you will need to:

    1. Carry out a fire risk assessment to identify all risks and formulate a fire safety strategy.
    2. Arrange fire safety training for your team so they have a full understanding of the strategy for the new premises.

    How often do day staff require fire training?

    In general, your day-to-day workforce should be trained once every 12 months on fire safety. However, it’s important to consider staff turnover, when assessing training needs. Here are four factors that may influence a review of training requirements:

    • A staff member who was a fire warden leaves the business, leaving you short of wardens.
    • New staff come into the business and require information on your fire safety strategy.
    • The business grows and a large number of new employees start work, resulting in a need for more wardens.

    Information about your fire safety policy, including your evacuation plan, should be communicated to new staff members during their induction programme. They should also be included in the annual training refresher course.

    As a general rule of thumb, you should ensure that you have one fully trained fire warden in place for every 20 people that you employ.

    How often do night staff require fire training?

    It is particularly important that night staff receive fire training, especially if they work in the hospitality industry. This is because there is a higher risk to life, should a fire break out whilst occupants are sleeping.

    As a absolute minimum, those working night shifts should receive fire safety training once a year. However, it’s essential that you assess the safety knowledge of each individual and provide more training if required.

    You should also make sure that all new members of staff working who are overnight are well versed in your fire evacuation plan and general fire safety strategy.

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