• February 5, 2021

    Running a hotel is no easy feat. From checking in guests to cooking, cleaning and organising staff, there will always be something new at the top of the to-do list.

    However, one thing that should always be at the forefront is hotel security. Something that should never be on guests’ minds, but always on yours.


    Why is hotel security important?

    It is important to have a high level of hotel security as it acts to protect your guests, staff, buildings and other assets. Without adequate security, there are a number of incidents that could occur within a hotel including:

    • Theft of guest possessions.
    • Theft of hotel assets.
    • Vandalism of hotel property.
    • Terrorism and violence towards guests and staff.

    It is therefore vital that your hotel security is at the highest level to prevent any incidents from occurring and keeping your guests and staff safe.


    Ways to improve hotel security

     Read on the discover our top ways to improve your hotel’s security.


    Installing CCTV

    Installing a CCTV system with high-quality cameras will instantly improve your hotel security and improve your ability to keep an eye on activity across your entire premises. Not only will CCTV catch any criminal activity in the act, but it will also deter any burglars or criminals in the first place from targeting your hotel, due to the fear of being watched and caught on camera.


    Update Locks

    The locks on hotel room doors are arguable the most important aspect of hotel security, as it is the last stage to reaching a guest’s possessions. They, therefore, need to be of high quality, durable and regularly maintained and checked for damage.

    If you are still using traditional locks and keys, it is definitely time to update your lock system. Traditional keys can be copied and this creates a major security issue and compromises the security of your guests. Update to an electronic lock and key system for maximum security.


    Installing Access Control

    Part of your electronic lock and key systems for hotel room keys, an access control system manages where your guests and staff members can go, when and where, with just one key (usually in the form of a key card or key fob). You are therefore able to control and limit where your guests can roam and improve the overall security of your hotel. For example, you may want to stop non-guests being able to access lifts and stairways to hotel rooms or from using hotel facilities such as a gym or pool. In addition, you may want to stop guests from entering ‘staff only’ areas such as the kitchen or reception desk. This is all possible with an access control system, which will significantly improve your hotel security.


    Staff Training

    By training your staff in the importance of hotel security as well as the steps they can take to make a difference will instantly help to improve the overall safety and security of your guests, employees and premises. The more security awareness staff have, the more likely they will act to improve it, know what to look out for, as well as hold the knowledge in what to do if a security-based incident does occur.


    Background Check Staff

    As trustworthy as some people may seem, you can never guarantee that security breaches and crime aren’t being carried out from the inside i.e your staff. By carrying out proficient background checks on your staff, such as past criminal convictions, you are ensuring they are not likely to be working against you and putting your guests and other staff members at risk.


    Interact with Guests

    Interacting with your guests is not only a friendly gesture and way of providing a good customer experience, but it also helps you gain more information about your guests and to key an eye on what is happening around your hotel.


    Get Remote Monitoring

    Another way to significantly improve your hotel security is to start a remote monitoring contract with a qualified security provider. Remote monitoring acts to oversee and monitor all your connected systems 24 hours a day, such as CCTV, alarms and access control  and send your notifications when these are triggered or activated. This is especially useful during out of hours, as well as if you have a large site. If there is an intruder or suspicious activity, you’ll be notified immediately.

    There are therefore multiple ways to improve your overall hotel security, with some being internal processes and others that require an external security provider.

    BusinessWatch is an NSI approved provider and installer of CCTV systems, access control, remote monitoring and more. We have significant experience within the hotel and hospitality industries and can provide your with a bespoke security solution to improve your hotel security.

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