• June 25, 2019

    This week we interview our Head of Installation Pete Holland on his voluntary work with Crimestoppers and Neighbourhood Watch!

    1. Describe your current role with BusinessWatch

    I am the Head of Installation, running the team who deliver new and upgraded works on fire and security systems, including CCTV, intruder, access control and fire safety systems. My main focus at the moment is to improve the processes and procedures within the department to drive customer satisfaction and improve revenue and profit.

    1. What positions do you hold elsewhere?

    I hold two voluntary positions in addition to my main role:

    I’m the Chairman of Crimestoppers – Nottinghamshire, and also a Trustee of NottsWatch (Nottinghamshire Neighbourhood Watch)

    1. How long have you held these positions?

    I have previously worked with Crimestoppers Derbyshire as Secretary of Committee. I held this position for a year and then moved to Nottinghamshire. From February 2019 I was appointed Chair and then joined NottsWatch due to combined interests and cross over. I joined NottsWatch in April 2019.

    1. What prompted you to take on these roles?

    Professional and Personal development. I am part of a community Neighbourhood Watch Facebook group and its full of whiners that don’t do anything to make a difference to the community! I didn’t want to be one of them!

    Nottinghamshire is experiencing, as with many other counties, a significant increase in knife crime. Crimestoppers offers a wholly anonymous reporting method for people who are too scared to go to the police to report those who are involved with violent and other crime. Being involved in taking violent people off the street is extremely satisfying, especially when we see a conviction based on information reported into Crimestoppers.

    We also have a Youth arm ‘Fearless’ which provides the same anonymous reporting but aimed at under 18’s. In addition to this, we provide free resources and visit schools to present the benefits.

    1. What do these roles entail?

    As Chairman I am currently building an Exec Committee as the Committee was non-existent! I currently have a Volunteer Secretary and Marketing Lead. We are also concentrating on increasing social media awareness – CS_Notts on Twitter, and CrimestoppersNottingham on Instagram.

    I also attend Nottinghamshire events like the County Show, Stephen Lawrence Day, Armed Force Day and other local events.

    I work closely with the Nottinghamshire Police Forces and local and County Councils to campaign on priority areas they have as well.

    1. Do these roles have any positive influence on your current role at BusinessWatch Group?

    The professional and personal development in learning a different sector (charitable), working with no money and managing volunteers provides significant benefit to my management position along with the networking opportunities.

    Thank you Pete! We look forward to hearing more on your voluntary work, and seeing the positive impact on your role with BusinessWatch Group!