As one of the UK’s leading installers of fire detection solutions, BusinessWatch have partnered with FireClass to design and install sophisticated, commercial fire detection systems. From simple conventional systems through to large networked addressable systems, your complete fire safety solution can be designed to suit your bespoke specifications.

Why FireClass?

Part of Tyco International, FireClass has been specialising in fire detection control equipment for the last 50 years. With an expert team of engineers and designers, FireClass systems are suitable for any environment and any size business.

FireClass have been responsible for may innovative solutions in the fire protection industry over the years. They produced the first carbon monoxide fire detection technology for commercial environments. In addition, they also produced triple sensing technology – combining smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detection.

Why BusinessWatch?

Our highly knowledgeable fire safety consultants, engineers and design team have a wealth of experience and essential, expert knowledge of FireClass systems. Therefore, we pride ourselves as experts in the design of intelligent fire detection systems.

You may require a single panel solution with a few detectors, or a complex networked solution with several linked panels.  BusinessWatch have the expertise, experience and in-depth understanding of Notifier products. As a result, we’re the perfect partner to design a tailored solution for your business.

What can FireClass do for your business?

FireClass provides a broad range of detection solutions, from a low cost 2 zone panel to an expandable 24 zone panel. The systems are complemented by an enviable range of conventional fire detectors and accessories focused on providing comprehensive protection and minimum false alarms.

Reflective Sound Monitoring

Reflective Sound Monitoring (or RSM) monitors the audio output of sounders. The technology allows the product to measure its sound output via a built-in microphone. During routine checks, the sounder reports back to the main panel if it is functioning correctly on activation. This eliminates the need for human presence during tests – especially useful in large buildings.

Multi Sensor Detectors

Combining optical, heat and/or carbon monoxide sensors, the FireClass range of detectors can detect a wide range of fires. Various modes and sensitivities can be amended to suit differing environments and risks.

Multi Account Engine

This new FireClass software allows users to monitor multiple FireClass systems around the world. With the ability to manage up to 32 panels, the software shows the real time status of fire systems and alerts the operator upon activation of any panel.

Are you looking for a FireClass fire solution for your business?

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