As one of the UK’s leading installers of intelligent video solutions, BusinessWatch have partnered with Mobotix to design and install Mobotix CCTV systems and software. Working with the unique, high end capabilities of Mobotix IP cameras, we design your complete surveillance solution to suit your bespoke specifications.

Why Mobotix?

Mobotix don’t make cameras, they make computers with lenses.

Mobotix have been developing and producing intelligent IP video systems known for their high level of security, and uncompromising reliability and quality since 2000. They’ve set standards with developments such as the first hemispheric IP video camera and the first IP video Door Station. One of their most important innovations is the decentralised intelligence in their camera systems – crucial in our increasingly networked world.

Why BusinessWatch?

As NSI accredited installers, our security consultants and design team have a wealth of experience and knowledge of Mobotix systems. Therefore, we pride ourselves as experts in the design of these systems. We can integrate Mobotix cameras with existing systems or design and install a brand new solution.

Whether you require a single camera, or a complex solution covering multi-sites, BusinessWatch have the expertise, experience and in-depth understanding of Mobotix products to design a tailored solution for your business.

What can a Mobotix solution do for your business?

Crystal Clear Images

Due to Mobotix’s 6MP sensor technology, their cameras deliver consistently crystal-clear images, even in poor light conditions. While videos are transmitted in a compressed format with MxPEG, each individual frame is razor-sharp.

Temperature also doesn’t affect the quality of image. Their outdoor cameras require no additional cooling or heating and function in environments ranging from -30ºC to +60ºC. Their maintenance-free, fibreglass reinforced housing also protects against extremely high humidity levels, corrosion, pollutants and harsh sunlight.

Integrated Intelligence

Mobotix IP camera’s come with recording and DVR management technology built-in. This decentralised approach means no need for expensive central recording systems. Cameras communicate with other sensors and devices within the network to achieve a complete security solution. The cameras are equipped with independent memory management and state-of-the-art video analysis, meaning they can initiate actions to defend against recognised threats.

Maximum Flexibility

Mobotix cameras easily integrate into existing security infrastructure. Also, the options for future expansion of the surveillance architecture are almost limitless. The modular camera structure means you can exchange lenses to suit. And it’s possible to combine optical and thermal image sensors on dual-lens cameras to provide bespoke systems.

crystal clear cctv imagery

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