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Zettler is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of care communications systems designed specifically to address the problems faced by todays hospitals, clinics and care homes.  BusinessWatch have partnered with Zettler to bring their state of the art care communication systems to your establishment. Following an extensive consultation, we’ll design and install care systems to work in harmony with your specific care environment.

Why Zettler?

Zettler is one of the leading global companies to design and manufacture care communication solutions such as nurse call and bed management systems. Established in 1877, Zettler systems are now sold in over 35 countries. With the founding principles of innovation, quality and reliability at its core, Zettler is respected internationally for its quality.

Why BusinessWatch?

As NSI accredited installers, our consultants and design team have extensive experience and knowledge of Zettler systems. We pride ourselves as experts in the design of Zettler care communication systems.

Whether you require a nurse call system for a small care home, or a complex bed management solution for a large hospital, BusinessWatch have the expertise, experience and in-depth understanding of Zettler products to design a tailored solution for your establishment.

What can a Zettler system do for your business?

Nurse Control Stations

This staff unit displays and controls all station related events and fits perfectly into a flexible and modern care organisation. Numerous options include:

  • ‘Nurse to Patient’ and ‘Nurse to Nurse’ speech
  • Announcements
  • External calls
  • Room ‘listen-in’ facility
  • Acknowledgement message

Real Time Location Systems

Zettler’s real time location system delivers tremendous advantages to larger organisations. Staff, patients, visitors and assets can all be located and tracked in real time. Reports and graphics help your organisation drive its objectives which can save time, money and improve safety.

Glance-and-Go™ boards give carers quick access to critical patient information from any screen in your department thus reducing time spent searching for people and assets.

Room Units

With an ‘IP Ready’ in-room touch screen display, Zettler’s Communication Terminals are speech-based systems. It boasts a large clear view colour touch screen display for ease of use. Colour coded calls instantly aid and alert staff to urgency of call, and features such as room to room calls enable staff to work more effectively and save time.

Call panels offer patients an easy to use solution to contact care staff. As well as featuring anti-microbial protection, they also come with large tactile buttons that come in a choice of options including call, reset, presence and other special versions.

Zettler’s wide range of configurable handsets are designed to cater for the needs of the modern care environment. Ergonomically designed to suit the curvature of the hand, the patient handsets make operation easy. With optional buttons for room/bed light control and dimming, the units are completely configurable and can host options such as roller shutter, Radio/TV switch and volume controls.

Staff attack and distress calls

In difficult working situations, the reassurance that our well-designed staff attack system can offer is invaluable. For staff on the move, alarms can be raised via portable transmitter units. With a simple press a button, the system will raise the alarm, notify security and provide the location of the incident for a swift response.

Real Time Location

Hospital staff, patients, visitors and assets can all be located and tracked in real time to deliver workflow operational efficiencies. Badges and asset tags constantly report back their location to infra-red and radio frequency receivers. User friendly reports and graphics are displayed to keep you informed on your chosen objectives. Features at a glance:

  • Bed Management
  • Patient Flow
  • Hand Hygiene Participation
  • Asset Management
  • Infection Outbreak Control
  • Staff Attack
  • Nurse Call Automation
  • Analytics
  • Systems Integration
  • Worry Free Prompts

Are you looking for a Zettler solution for your business?

Or are you looking to scale up or arrange maintenance for an existing solution? Call us today on 0330 094 7404 to speak to one of our Zettler expert consultants. Alternatively, complete your details and we’ll get back to you asap.

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