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Remote Monitoring for Fire & Security Systems

We are partnered with an experienced and reputable ARC, RVRC and Monitoring Centre, called Remote Monitoring Services (RMS), which provides and delivers our 24/7 monitoring services. 

About the ARC

The ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) is located within a highly secure unit and continuously proves to be a reliable and successful service for our customers. They are able to respond to 95% of alarms within 90 seconds of being notified and are yet to miss an incident. 

All types of systems are able to be monitored and are not limited to fire or intruder alarms. Lone worker monitoring, remote patrols and health & safety monitoring are also available through our partnered ARC. 

Commercial Alarm Systems


The ARC is fully NSI Gold, Category 2 approved and is therefore compliant with all the latest and most stringent standards within the industry. The ARC are regularly audited by the NSI to confirm they are continuing to operate at the highest level of service in the fire safety and security industry. 

Each monitoring operative at the ARC is also handpicked for their experience and expertise. Each operative is also SIA licenced and BS7858:2019 vetted so that you can have full peace of mind that the monitoring of your systems is being carried out by the most qualified and experienced operatives and to the highest industry standards.

How does it benefit you? 

System monitoring is an essential part of a business’ security and fire safety strategy. It allows for constant monitoring of a site, even during out-of-hours and through the night. Business sites, therefore, have an extra layer of protection which will help to deter crime and keep sites and employees safe. System monitoring can also help reduce false alarms, which are often costly and time-consuming for many businesses. 

fire alarm monitoring services

How does it work? 

The ARC will receive signals from a site’s system control panel via landline or cellular network, depending on the system setup. When an alarm or event is triggered, a signal will be sent to the ARC and a monitoring operative will look into the issue. When receiving alarms from a VSS system, the ARC operatives spend, on average, 61 seconds investigating the cause, ensuring all alarms are thoroughly investigated and the premise is secure. 

The monitoring team are able to quickly confirm whether it is a false alarm in a number of ways. This reduces business downtime and stops unnecessary visits from the emergency services. If the alarm proves to be due to an actual incident, then the monitoring operatives will quickly identify the issue and action the most appropriate response, such as calling the police. 

ARC Stats

  • Average VSS dwell time is 61 seconds
  • Average call answering wait time is 15 seconds
  • 94% of customers would recommend 
  • 95% of alarms are responded to within 90 seconds

Clients we work with

Environment Agency
Yorkshire Water
Bradford University

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