Maintenance for Commercial CCTV Systems

We recommend taking a comprehensive CCTV maintenance schedule to ensure your CCTV system remains in perfect working order and doesn’t fail you when it’s needed the most.

A comprehensive CCTV system service and maintenance contract with a company that is accredited by National Security Inspectorate (NSI) or another third-party accreditor, will help ensure your system is always fully functional, and your premises and staff are protected.

BusinessWatch is a NSI Silver accredited company. Therefore, you have the peace of mind that not only do we meet or exceed the highest possible business performance standards, but we also security screen all relevant staff for your safety.

CCTV System Maintenance

On choosing BusinessWatch for your CCTV system maintenance, you will receive a contract from that states:

  • The standards the maintenance will be carried out to
  • How often your CCTV system will be serviced
  • The minimum response time to call outs
  • What is included in your agreement (call outs, parts etc)

Typically, a CCTV system should receive a comprehensive maintenance visit every year – unless your CCTV system is monitored, in which case it should be twice a year.

However, one of these maintenance visits may be done remotely.

What a Maintenance Visit Includes

When your engineer attends site, they will check log books and system documentation for any previous faults, issues and service calls. A visual inspection then follows to check:

  • The number and type of cameras, including lenses, are in accordance with that stated in the specification and any amendment.
  • Indicator lamps are working correctly
  • Warning labels are still in place
  • All cables and conduit (including those that are flexible) are properly supported, undamaged and showing no signs of wear
  • Physical fixings of all equipment are sound, and not loose or corroded
  • All glands and seals on external equipment are intact

Following this visual inspection, your CCTV system will be subjected to a full functionality inspection. The following actions will be taken:

  • The picture quality of each camera and correct monitor selection checked
  • Look for signs of condensation on windows of camera housings
  • Removal of covers and housings where necessary for cleaning
  • All automatic and remote control camera functions comply with specifications and that camera movement and fields of view are free from obstruction
  • Operation of all monitoring, switching, multiplexing and recording equipment (including time and date generators) is satisfactory
  • Function of all interfaces with alarms is satisfactory including correct triggering of alarms
  • Operation of supplementary lighting is satisfactory

Servicing Reports

Following a maintenance visit, you will receive a full Preventative Maintenance Report Form detailing any repairs or works recommended. You will also be advised whether the works specified are just recommendations or whether they form an issue that affects the correct operation and functionality of your CCTV system.

What’s the Next Step?

If you’re looking for:

  • a new maintenance/repairs programme for your system
  • moving from your incumbent maintenance supplier

then call us on 0330 094 7404 for a free, no-obligation quotation today. One of our expert CCTV System Consultants will be available to discuss your requirements in more detail. They will answer any questions you may have, and fully inform you of the next steps. Then, if required, we’ll arrange a free on-site fire safety survey.

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