BusinessWatch specialises in security fogging systems that safeguard against intruders and theft, as well as keep air and surfaces clean.

Fogging systems are an effective way of protecting a site, employees and visitors from both intruders and germs and viruses.

BusinessWatch uses UR Fog systems to provide the capabilities for sites to effectively deep clean a space, as well as add an extra layer of security to their premises with security fogging, which uses a dense layer of fog to disorientate an intruder and hide valuable objects.

To switch between security fogging and air sanitisation capabilities, users only need to change the internal cartridge of the fogging system. A variety of cartridges are available for various industries, such as those that are safe to use within food production and processing.

Security & Anti-Intrusion

Fogging systems are a reliable and effective way to deter an intrusion from taking place. When a break-in has been detected, dense fog is rapidly released, filling an entire space in seconds without any residue. Intruders are theft disoriented and will look for an exit as quickly as possible, abandoning their theft. The artificial fog is non-toxic and will do the intruder no harm, but provides zero visibility.


Using everyday cleaning products is not always enough to eliminate contagion and the spread of germs on a site, both in the air and on surfaces. It is also not practical or efficient to be continually cleaning a site, especially with a vast turnaround of individuals, such as gyms.

The sanitisation fog is provided by Purifog by UR Fog and when released and left to settle, drags down the micro-particles caught in the air. The active surfactants in the fluid are then deposited onto the site’s surfaces which are then activated with a damp cloth. Germs and particles can therefore be wiped away and the air left clean.


  • Protects employees
  • Reduces spread of germs
  • Deters criminals
  • Reduces theft & vandalism
  • Estimated to be 1,700 times more efficient than a normal sprayer.
  • Cleans & sanitises
  • Rapid fog emission
  • High fog density
  • Coverage up to 4,000m3
  • Low energy consumption
  • Can be activated remotely
  • Easy to install

Application Examples

  • Manufacturing

    Factories, manufacturer and distribution centres

  • Education

    Schools, colleges and universities

  • Travel

    Trains, bus and coach stations, airports and ferry ports

  • Leisure

    Gyms, cinemas, libraries, stadiums and theatres

  • Police

    Police stations (custody suites and receptions)

  • Healthcare

    Hospitals, GP surgeries, health centres and dentists

  • Retail

    Supermarkets, department stores and shops

  • Hospitality

    Restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs and venues

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