Monitoring for Commercial Alarm Systems

If an intruder triggers your alarm system when your business is closed, who will be notified? Too often, intruder alarm sirens are ignored by passers-by, or company locations, such as on business parks means very few people to raise the alarm. By the time the alarm is raised, if this happens at all, the intruders may well have already taken valuables and caused damage to your site.

What Happens When an Alarm is Triggered?

When your intruder alarm is monitored, as soon as the system is activated a signal will be sent to our alarm receiving centre (ARC). Once the ARC confirms the signal, depending on your option chosen, they will either contact a nominated person within your business to inform them of the activation, or initiate a police response.

Is Intruder Alarm Monitoring Essential?

Having your intruder alarm system monitored isn’t essential. However, your insurance company may stipulate monitoring in their conditions, and it can also reduce your insurance premiums. Monitoring is strongly advised, especially if you are considered a high-risk business, or if you have periods of closure where there are no staff on-site.

Having your intruder alarm system monitored gives you the peace of mind that your business is always protected.

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