• February 19, 2016

    When setting up a new business one crucial element you cannot compromise on is the security you put in place; especially given that each year crime costs businesses billions of pounds because of vandalism, burglary and shoplifting. While you cannot guarantee that your business will never be targeted, by putting security measures in place you are reducing the risk greatly. Here, we look at the measures to take to protect your business:

    Security tips for buildings and property

    • Install an Intruder Alarm as a basic level of security to ensure criminals are aware that your property is protected.
    • Install a High Definition CCTV (HD CCTV) camera to monitor people entering, exiting and passing nearby your building. A HD CCTV will capture footage with crystal clarity 3 x the quality of a standard camera. Which means even when you zoom in on objects, faces or number plates at a considerable distance you can see it in detail. HD CCTVs are well known to be a huge deterrent to crime.
    • Install LED Security Lighting around the building and in the car park. This makes it difficult for criminals to hide in darkness. LED Security Lights also help CCTV cameras to pick up footage with excellent clarity at night, even at long range distances – which makes identifying criminals easier.
    • Timed internal lights can through criminals off as they will not know who is in the building and when. If you change the time schedules up regularly they will not be able to establish a pattern.

    Proper management

    • Keep money counting out of the presence of anyone that isn’t part of the company, even a spouse or relative of an employee. They have no business around the funds.
    • Make deposits during business hours and make them often. This limits the amount of cash on hand at any given moment.
    • Have more than one person supervise the payroll process.
    • A keyless entry system can limit the amount of individuals that can enter the facility, especially if the turnover rate is high.
    • Implement a system for locking doors and turning security systems on at the end of the day.
    • Keep a record of all highly valuable office equipment including serial numbers.
    • All new employees should have background checks performed.
    • If something were to happen, be sure that there is an area in the office where customers and employees can take refuge or escape from a dangerous situation.
    • Write a security policy and enter it into the employee handbook. This should include: areas with limited access, visitor restrictions, a policy for removal of company property, and a plan with steps to take in the event that a violent or threatening incident occurs.

    No matter how small the measures you decide to take to secure your business are, they will definitely prove to pay off in the long run. Find out more about the fire alarm requirements for businesses by getting in touch with us.

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