Smart Solutions to Connect Your Business Systems

We help businesses of all sizes evolve to become smart businesses. To use intuitive technology that thinks for itself and provide an easy and innovative solution to maximise a business’s potential and make them work smarter.

What is a Smart Business?

Smart businesses are high-tech and use technology alongside their current systems to automate processes. A smart business’ internal systems will communicate with each other to create efficiencies and enhance current ways of working. Types of systems that can be integrated are lighting, heating, security, fire safety, resource management and conferencing.

When set up as a smart business, all systems can be accessed, managed and controlled via multiple devices either locally or remotely, through the use of control panels, keypads, sensors and apps.

What Are The Benefits of Smart Business Systems?

Smart business systems can lead to:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Energy-Saving
  • Automated Processes
  • Improved Efficiencies
  • Innovative, High-Tech Brand Image
  • Increased System Control

Smart Solutions We Offer

The BusinessWatch Solution to Smart Businesses

At BusinessWatch, we can make your business work smarter. From office spaces, hospitality and leisure venues, to listed historic buildings, we have the capabilities and experience to modernise your business and transform the way you operate. We’ll listen to your needs and work together to find the best efficiencies and automation that works for you, your business and your employees.

We can install new or takeover existing systems and integrate smart technology to transform your business into a smart business. We are partnered with some of the best manufacturers of smart technology and use effective, high quality and intelligent systems and devices to provide you with reliable and effective smart business solutions.

Why Choose BusinessWatch?

We rise above the rest and provide a premium service that does more than just install smart business systems. We have the capabilities to connect our systems back to our customer support desk, meaning we can remotely manage all systems for activity alerts as well as for technical faults. With remote diagnostics, we fix the issue before you notice something’s not right, saving you time, resources and money on engineer call outs.

With a number of accreditations under our belt, we are proud to be recognised as one of the best in the industry, especially in terms of fire safety and security. We are NSI Gold approved, meaning we work to the highest and most stringent standards, alongside our 5* world-class customer service.

NSI Gold

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