Smart Security Solutions For Your Business

Security systems can now be more advanced than ever. With the rapid development of technology, security systems are becoming more high-tech, more innovative and smarter.

What is Smart Security?

Smart security is a security system in which all the components communicate with each other, work together and create an advanced level of site protection. Their smart abilities mean that they can be controlled independently, simultaneously or on an automated basis, completely remote and through a smart device.

This increased level of protection means that your business site, assets, employees and visitors are all kept safe, especially in the event of an emergency. For example, a triggered intruder alarm would activate locking access control doors and the nearest CCTV cameras to capture the intruder on video and block their exit routes.

What Are the Benefits of Smart Security?

The BusinessWatch Solution to Smart Security

At BusinessWatch, we are professionals in the security sector. We are an innovative business, who are evolving alongside technology and are therefore leading the way in smart security solutions. Whether you are looking for a completely new smart security system or are upgrading a current one, we will work with you to deliver a bespoke solution, tailored to the wants and needs of your business.

Technology We Use for Smart Security

A smart security system is usually made up of CCTV cameras, wireless sensors, smart locks and intruder alarms. These are the basis of a smart security system and these components are used to monitor activity and manage the entire smart security system through a device such as a smartphone. Our smart security systems are user friendly, easy to install and reliable.

We are partnered with some of the best suppliers in the industry and pride ourselves on delivering high quality, yet bespoke, security systems that are designed entirely for each client. Our smart security systems can include:

All of which can be integrated with lighting and heating systems to contribute towards a fully smart business and building.

NSI Gold

Why Choose BusinessWatch?

We are fully NSI Gold accredited and are proud to be acknowledged by such a well-trusted hallmark within the security sector. We therefore operate to the most stringent standards and are constantly striving for excellence.

All our security systems also have the opportunity to be fully connected back to our customer support desk and managed under one roof. This means that we can remotely manage all aspects of your smart security system for activity, as well as faults, which we can diagnose and fix remotely. This not only saves you time and effort but also cuts your costs by saving on engineer call-outs.

With us, a smart security system is easy to install and easy to manage.

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