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    July 3, 2023

    Access control systems play a vital role in securing physical spaces and ensuring the safety of individuals. Traditional access control methods such as key cards and keypads have served their purpose, but they are increasingly being replaced by more advanced and secure solutions. Biometric technology, with its ability to uniquely identify individuals based on their physiological or behavioural characteristics, is revolutionising access control systems. In this article, we will explore the future of biometrics in access control systems and the potential benefits it brings.

    What is Biometric technology? 

    Biometric technology refers to the automated technology used to verify and authenticate human beings, based on their biological measurements and physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, eye retinas, voice patterns, facial patterns and hand measurements. 

    How is Biometrics Used in Security 

    Biometric technology can be a fast and reliable way of authenticating specific individuals, which is how it is used in security. Much like the use of facial recognition and a thumbprint to access our smartphones, similar attributes can be used within a site’s security and specifically, access control systems


    You may think that biometric technology may be reserved for highly secure sites, such as banks and critical infrastructure sites, but it is also commonly used within lower security sites such as offices. Biometric technology provides an entirely new level of safety and security to places, people and assets as well as being a convenient and user-friendly way for employees and visitors to identify themselves. 

    Types of Biometric Security

    Biometric security can be broken down into three types: 


    • Biological biometrics – uses genetic and molecular level traits, such as DNA or blood. 
    • Morphological biometrics – uses the structure of the body, such as eyes, fingerprints or face shape.
    • Behavioural biometrics – uses patterns unique to the individual, such as the way they speak, walk or even type on a keyboard. 


    When it comes to security and access control systems, they are most likely to use biological and behavioural biometrics. 

    Biometrics in Access Control Systems

    The use of biometric technology within access control systems can therefore be very effective in protecting a site and its employees, by being an accurate and reliable way of restricting access to certain areas and identifying certain individuals, thus improving the safety and security of an area. 

    The Benefits of Biometrics in Access Contol Systems

    There are several benefits to using biometrics in access control systems.

    Enhanced Security & Authentication

    Biometrics offer a higher level of security and authentication compared to traditional access control methods. Unlike passwords or key cards that can be lost, stolen, or replicated, biometric traits such as fingerprints, facial features, or iris patterns are unique to each individual. This makes it extremely difficult for unauthorised individuals to gain access to a site or certain locations within it and therefore by implementing biometric access control systems, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of identity theft, unauthorised entry, and security breaches.

    Improved User Experience

    Biometrics in access control systems act to improve user experience, due to eliminating the need for individuals to carry or remember access cards, fobs, or keypad codes. Productivity is therefore improved amongst employees, due to not dealing with the impact of forgotten or misplaced credentials and a more seamless user experience is achieved.

    Multi-Modal Biometrics

    Biometric technology has the capability to combine the requirement for different biometric traits to gain entry, such as fingerprints, facial and voice recognition. This layering of requirements acts to improve overall security and reduced the risk of unauthorised entry, as well as allowing businesses to customise their entry requirements. 

    Integration with IoT and AI

    As technology continues to develop, access control systems with biometric technology can be integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI), to enable communication with other security systems and smart components to create a comprehensive and automated security ecosystem that will lead to site-wide efficiencies. Plus, AI algorithms will be able to analyse the biometric data in real time and enable faster and more accurate identification and authentication. 

    Scalability & Cost-Effectiveness

    Continued advancements in biometric technology will make biometric access control systems more accessible and cost-effective for sites of all sizes. The scalability of biometric access control systems allows businesses to easily add or remove users as needed without the need for physical cards or tokens and the reduction in administrative costs associated with managing access credentials can lead to long-term cost savings.

    Biometrics, Privacy & Data Protection

    Due to biometric technology using a human’s physical attributes and storing it as data, certain privacy and data protection aspects need to be considered. Businesses that use biometrics in their security systems must make sure they are compliant with data protection laws and legislation and abide by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

    The Future of Biometrics in Access Control Systems

    The future of biometrics in access control systems is an exciting one, providing enhanced opportunities for offering security and site safety and improved user experience, as well as seamless integration with emerging technologies. Although data protection and privacy need to be addressed, biometrics make for an advanced approach in the world of security. 

    How to Implement Biometrics in Access Control Systems

    At BusinessWatch, we’re passionate about the advancements in technology and utilising them to better protect sites, people and assets. We are implementing biometric technology into access control systems for our clients across the country and are seeing impressive results in their improved efficiencies and productivity. 


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