• December 23, 2020

    Wondering exactly what fire wardens’ responsibilities are? We’ve got all the information you need to know.

    What is a Fire Warden?

    A fire warden is a business employee selected to undergo fire warden training and play a key role in the business’ fire preparation plans. Although the business is responsible for implementing certain safety measures such as fire alarms, signs and equipment such as fire extinguishers and blankets, the role of the fire warden is to ensure these procedures are all carried out correctly. In addition, if a fire emergency does break out, the fire warden in responsible for the safety of employees and carrying out a safe evacuation.

    It’s important to have a fire warden(s) as it will ensure your business is prepared in the case of a fire.

    Fire Warden Responsibilities

    A fire warden’s key responsibilities can be divided into two types of responsibilities: proactive and reactive.

    Proactive Responsibilities

    Proactive responsibilities refer to the planning and tasks carried out to reduce the risk of fire in the workplace and are therefore preventative measures. These are usually carried out day-to-day and consist of regular checks to ensure all safety protocols and procedures are in place and being adhered to.

    Responsibilities will vary depending on the business, but will almost always include:

    • Checking fire doors and emergency exits are shut and free from obstructions.
    • Ensuring fire-safety equipment is installed, serviced and in working order.
    • Regular testing and servicing of fire alarms.
    • Making sure electrical objects, equipment, sockets and cables are being used properly and safely.
    • Ensuring that all combustible and flammable objects and liquids are managed correctly in both their storage and disposal.
    • Ensuring that all fire related admin and recording is up to date.

    Reactive Responsibilities

    Reactive responsibilities are those that are carried out in the event of a fire. They are therefore reactive responses to the situation and this is where fire warden training is essential.

    Depending on the business and building, reactive responsibilities of the fire warden can include:

    • Raising the alarm of a fire quickly to all employees.
    • Knowledge of and directing employees to use the fire escape routes.
    • Conducting a check of the building to ensure everyone has been evacuated.
    • Ensuring the proper closing of fire doors and exits has taken place to prevent the spread of fire.
    • Assisting those who need help leaving the building, such as those with mobility, visual or hearing impairments.
    • Carrying out a roll call of employees and visitors once at the fire evacuation point, to check everyone is out of the building.

    If a fire emergency occurs within the workplace, it is essential that there are people on hand who are professionally trained and can keep calm and lead everyone to safety.

    BusinessWatch conduct a Fire Warden Training Programme that is recognised by the Institute of Fire Engineers. It covers both proactive and reactive responsibilities under the latest fire legislation as well as other fire-prevention measures such as the correct use of fire extinguishers and how to organise a quick yet safe evacuation.

    For more information on our Fire Warden Training Programme or to register your interest, please read more here.