• May 3, 2022

    Any business will know the importance of a hardworking and robust security system. But with so many components and individual systems involved, such as intruder alarms, CCTV cameras and access control, management of all these systems can be challenging. Enter integrated security, which looks to provide easy management of advanced security systems. 

    Keep reading to find out all you need to know and how an integrated security system can help your business be more efficient. 

    What is integrated security? 

    Integrated security is the integration of various and individual security systems and components into one central control system. Each system is interconnected and therefore can all be managed in one place. CCTV cameras, access control, intruder alarms, fire alarms and more can all be controlled through one central system, enabling increased business efficiency and optimisation. 

    Integrated security systems can also be professionally monitored which allows for all components and sub-systems to be easily monitored for faults and activations through one system, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

    access control maintenance

    How does an integrated security system work? 

    With an integrated security system, all individual components and sub-systems are connected to a central control system, either through a landline or over a cellular network. They all communicate and work with each other, sharing key data and information, to maximise their security potential.

    For example, the intruder alarm system can work in tandem with an access control system to maximise both their potential in the event of an intruder. Wherever the intruder alarm is activated, access control can allow for the area to be secured automatically in order to trap the intruder. 

    How will it help my business?

    The ability to control all components at one central point with an integrated security system allows for a greater layer of protection for a business, its assets and its employees. As well as improved security, an integrated security system will improve overall business efficiency and productivity. 

    An integrated security system also allows for all components to be monitored effectively. Instead of individual monitoring contracts for each sub-system, one monitoring contract can be put in place that takes care of and overlooks all components. Therefore, whatever the time of day, your business will be protected from any criminal activity. 

    An integrated security system can therefore be greatly beneficial to a business, due to improving the safety and security of a site, as well as reducing the risk of the ongoing impacts of crime. According to a GOVUK survey, 68% of respondents reported financial loss as the most common impact of premises crime, 60% stated stolen goods and 46% reported the additional time staff needed to deal with the incident, showing how a targeted business will be affected long-term. 

    What are the benefits of integrated security? 

    Improved site security

    All systems working together creates a more secure and effective layer of protection for a business, site and employees.

    Improved management of systems

    The ability to oversee all systems within one central control point allows for easier management, compared to accessing various systems. Users can access an overview of the business’ security situation and view all components in one place. 


    Using one system to control all security sub-systems can be more cost-effective than using one for each system. Time-saving benefits can also result in cost savings in the long run. 

    Deterrent to criminal activity

    Like all security systems, they can be a real deterrent to criminals. If they observe a high-tech integrated system in place, they’re likely to move on to a new target. 

    Improved productivity

    Integrated systems allow for better business productivity due to having more streamlined processes and management capabilities in place. Businesses can then focus their resources elsewhere.

    Provides insights into site trends & activity

    The combination of key systems working together and sharing data, with the ability to control the entire security system in one place, allows for a business to identify key site trends and insights. From day-to-day workings and operations, vulnerable site areas or even health and safety risks. 

    Reduces employee involvement

    With all sub-systems connected and controlled via one central system, this reduces the need for a physical security presence on a site. 

    Does BusinessWatch specialise in integrated security? 

    Yes, we specialise in integrated security systems, known as connected managed services at BusinessWatch. We can connect all of your security and fire safety systems to our central system so that they can work collaboratively and be remotely managed for activations as well as faults. 

    Read more about our NSI Approved Connected Managed Services here.