Fire Extinguishers

Don’t leave choosing the right type of fire extinguisher to chance. BusinessWatch can provide you with advice on selecting the right fire extinguishers for your site.

Fire ExtinguisherAll of our fire extinguishers are constructed to BS EN 3 and carry the CE mark. We also guarantee them for 12 months. You can extend this to 5 years subject to a service plan.

Whether it be the supply and installation of a single fire extinguisher, or the service of a large a number of extinguishers, BusinessWatch can meet all your needs.

How Many Fire Extinguishers Do I Need?

BS 5306 states that the following minimum quantities of fire extinguishers should be provided: –

  • At least 1 x 13A rated extinguisher per 200 sq metres of floor area
  • Not less than 2 x 13A rated extinguishers per floor
  • Distributed so that nobody travels more than 30 metres to reach an extinguisher
  • So that special fire hazards such as electrical equipment, flammable liquids and flammable gases are provided with additional suitable fire extinguishers

To ensure that you have the correct number and type of fire extinguishers in your building, please Contact Us to carry out a FREE fire extinguisher survey.

What Type of Fire Extinguishers Do I Need?

The following chart indicates the type of fire extinguisher suitable for each type of fire hazard.  However, we recommend you Contact Us to carry out a free fire extinguisher survey to ensure you’re adequately protected.

Fire Extinguisher TypesDo I Need To Have My Fire Extinguishers Serviced?

BusinessWatch can service most fire extinguishers, ensuring that they are kept in good working order and will last for many years to come.

We offer four fire extinguisher service plans, both in accordance with BS 5306 and tailored to suit your requirements and your budget. These are:

  • Standard – We service your fire extinguishers once a year for a fixed price
  • Comprehensive – As above, but includes 5 yearly discharge tests and 10 yearly overhauls at no extra cost
  • Fully Managed – As above, but includes all replacements as necessary
  • Rental – We rent you all fire extinguishers and other equipment such as stands and signs, giving you peace of mind over budgeting

Comprehensive, fully managed and rental service plans require sign up to a 5-year contract.

How Often Should You Service Fire Extinguishers?

Properly serviced, extinguishers will give many years of good service.

Service your extinguishers at the following intervals:

  • Annually by a competent service technician
  • Water, foam and dry powder extinguishers should have a discharge test and extended service every 5 years from their date of manufacture
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers need an overhaul every 10 years from their date of manufacture

What’s The Next Step?

Whether you’re wanting a single extinguisher, installation of several extinguishers, or a service and maintenance plan, please contact us for a free, no obligation quotation today. One of our expert Fire Safety Consultants will be available to discuss your requirements, and provide you with your quotation.

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